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  • 1. United Kingdom    (93,306)
  • 2. United States    (31,747)
  • 3. Germany    (21,355)
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Top 10 Industries

  • 1. Consulting
  • 2. Tech & Internet
  • 3. Marketing and Advertising
  • 4. Financial Services
  • 5. Education
  • 6. Government
  • 7. Telecommunications
  • 8. Law
  • 9. Charity & Social Enterprise
  • 10. Consumer Products & Retail

Top 10 Functions

  • 1. Sales & Marketing
  • 2. Accounting
  • 3. Consulting
  • 4. Operations
  • 5. Strategy
  • 6. Project Management
  • 7. General Management
  • 8. Analysis
  • 9. Business Development
  • 10. Advertising

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"We've been blown away by the quality. Really impressive indeed. Will be back in touch."

"Immediate interest from exactly the right kind of applicants. If only all recruitment were this easy."

"We would recommend Escape to any business. Saved over £17k in recruitment fees."

"I am very impressed with the quantity of responses from consistently good candidates."

"Fantastic result for Apple. Escape the City found us the right person for a very tricky role."

"I thought the standard of candidates was very high. Better than E-financial Careers."

"Let me know if you need a reference as I will endorse you strongly."

"One of the best recruitment tools for the Kiva Fellows program. We're honoured to be one of your featured orgs."

"You met our high expectations. We would not have found our candidate through traditional recruitment."

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