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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Escape work?

    Escape the City acts as a job board, we let StartUps, Social Enterprises and cool SMEs advertise jobs on our website. We charge for the listing, and you can choose to purchase our ‘add-ons’ which help boost your job’s performance and increase the promotion of your brand.

    We don’t have any hidden charges, and if you hire someone through us there is no additional fee. We do ask that you let us know though, as we love collecting success messages and helping companies find a superstar!

    Escape has a diverse community of members, all of whom are looking for their next adventure. If you want to find out more about our member demographics, look here. It’s a great place to hire marketing, sales, business development and analyst folk in London, across the UK and across the globe.
  • Who is your audience?

    Our audience is unique in that it consists of talented, ambitious and highly qualified professionals that are looking for a new challenge or direction. They come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds such as consultancy, sales and marketing, project management, business development, finance, education and law - just to name a few.

    Location breakdown:

    45% UK

    15% USA

    10% Germany

    10% Rest of Europe

    5% Canada

    5% Russia

    5% Rest of World

    Industry Breakdown:


    Tech & Internet


    Financial Services





    Function Breakdown:






    Project Managment

    General Management


  • What are the prices?

    For a clear explanation check out our pricing page here.

    We ask for some details before we show you the pricing page, this is because would love to see what exciting companies are considering using our services! We have also made a commitment to our community of 200k members to bring them the worlds’ most exciting jobs and we want to stay the best place to look for jobs.
  • Do you have any discounts in place?

    YES! We currently offer an exclusive discount for startups, less than two years old, social enterprises and not-for-profits of 20% site wide.

    Volunteer listings are always free. We don’t allow pay-to-volunteer roles on the site unless in exceptional circumstances due to lack of interest. However feel free to contact Mel ( should you wish to discuss this.
  • What types of roles/industries are successful on the site?

    Typically anything with potential for personal growth in an interesting company is welcome! Roles in sales, business development, marketing, finance, education, managerial or high level positions all perform well on Escape. We look for interesting jobs with great companies, have a look here to see who is currently advertising with us.

    Pure technical roles tend not to perform too well on our site. We have a list of great sites here if you want to find a dev, CTO or similar.

    Technical support roles and Data Scientist roles however do perform well on our site.

    If you’re unsure or have any questions just ask Mel at
  • How can I post a job listing?

    To post a job on Escape the City is fast, easy and completely in your control! All you have to do is head to this page, check ‘’I am new to Escape The City’ and follow the step-by-step process. Do try and fill it in thoroughly, the more information you can put in the listing, the better understanding candidates will have and the stronger your brand presence will become.

    The payment is taken at the end, using our payments provider Stripe, so have your credit/debit card handy.

    Firstly, if you’re really struggling give us a call on +44 (0)203 514 5530 or email us on
  • I have credits (job and £) how do I use these?
    Job credits never expire! So you can use them whenever you wish. The £ credits are automatically applied at the checkout. If you have a job credit these can be selected during the job posting process at the checkout - it will be clearly indicated.
  • How can I get a permanent page?

    We offer permanent employer pages that help organisations like yours find Escape the City members. We recommend you populate this with exciting content and descriptions about your company values and what you can offer our Escapees!

    We are assembling a directory of the most progressive and exciting companies in the world. Having a page allows you to promote your employer brand and ‘hire’ when you’re not even hiring.

    Check out an example page here

    NB. These pages are for employers only. If you are an adventure or education company and want to promote something - then click here
  • How can I submit feedback?
    We are a small team who strive to deliver a great service and apologise wholeheartedly in the rare cases that we don't.

    We love feedback and we are constantly working to improve our platform and services. Please let us know how your experience with us has been - the good, bad and ugly.

    What can I do next?

    • You can submit feedback via the 'Feedback' tab on the left-hand side of every page on the site.
    • You can also email us directly -

  • How can candidates apply to my job?

    We give you two options:

    Express Interest is a one-click application process for the candidate. It means that they can apply with a cover letter and their Escape the City profile. It looks like this.

    Express Interest increases candidate applications by about 30% and means that you can track the whole process from within your Escape profile - no more routing around your inbox trying to find that pesky CV!


    You can set out your own application instructions, like specifying an email to send CVs to or a link to a jobs portal. It depends what your process is. We advise not making it too complicated, as this might cause a drop in applications.
  • Can you help me to make my job listing stand out?
    Yeah, of course. We want you to make the most out of your Escape experience. Firstly, we have a list of helpful Escape tips here (go grab a coffee and a biscuit at this point). We also have, more generally, some great resources that we have collected about hiring here.
  • Can I advertise for volunteers?
    We offer free listings to organisations listing volunteer opportunities. Many of our members are looking for chances to do work with a positive impact - both short and long-term.

    NB: We don't currently accept pay-to-volunteer opportunities and we have a strict no-unpaid-internship policy.

    If you are looking for volunteers with professional backgrounds and experience, we'd love to help! Please proceed via the links below.

    What can I do next?

    Still need a hand?

  • Can I advertise for graduate internships?

    We have a strict no unpaid internships policy.

    We have adopted this approach because unpaid internships are illegal and because we feel that if someone is going to properly work for you (as opposed to gain a small amount of experience) then they deserve to at least receive a living wage.

    It is illegal in the UK to advertise for or ‘employ’ unpaid interns. This PDF has more information.

    If you are looking to hire a graduate or paid intern you are very welcome to use our site.  We have a strong student demographic using us to look for exciting entry-level opportunities.

    If you are looking for someone to work for you for free we encourage you to structure it as unpaid work experience (maximum duration of 4 weeks) or as a voluntary role (not for profits only).

    NB. We moderate all listings submitted through the site and we won’t publish roles that are clearly unpaid internships dressed as voluntary positions!

    We appreciate that this isn’t always black and white but we strongly feel that graduate interns deserve to be paid for their work.
  • I am a recruiter/agency how can I post?

    If you’re recruiting on behalf of a company, drop us a quick email to, we’ll then check to see if that company has an existing account. If it does, we’ll add you as an admin to that account, if not you can create a new account from scratch.

    You’ll need to use the name of the company that you’re recruiting. We do not currently offer agency discounts, however if you are posting on behalf of a startup, social enterprise or a non-profit you will still receive their 20% discount! (hurrah!)
  • What is Express Interest?

    Express Interest is a one-click application process for the candidate. It means that they can apply with a cover letter and their Escape the City profile.

    Express Interest increases candidate applications by about 30% and means that you can track your applicants from within your Escape profile - no more routing around your inbox trying to find that pesky CV!
  • How do I contact these candidates?
    We have created a messaging system so that you are able to contact candidates within your Escape dashboard and manage them through the whole process. This makes the process easy and efficient as everything can be kept in one place.
  • How do the add-ons work?
    We have a variety of add-ons to maximise how many people view and apply to your listing. You can pay for these at the checkout.
  • Here are the add-ons and what they do

    Targeted Notifications:

    We’ve built a clever bit of software that targets the top 100 members that are looking for a job like yours (based on the requirements of your job listing), we analyse their past behaviours (like what jobs they have previously looked at or applied for) and send them an email telling them about your awesome job. The member can then apply for the job if it looks like the right role for them (meaning that the candidate is really engaged and committed to applying to you). Targeted notifications tend to increase the number of applicants by 25%. These applicants have been specially selected, so are more likely to exactly match your requirements.

    Highlighted Jobs:

    We’ve given you the option to highlight your job, and if you choose to do so it’ll have a yellow background making it stand out on the job board when candidates are looking for their next role. Highlighted jobs tend to have 20% more applicants.

    Featured Job:

    When a candidate is looking at the job board, right at the top of the page is a carousel with the featured jobs. These jobs have an image and a little text about the role. It makes your job stand out and increases branding as the image is so visible. Featured jobs tend to have 25% more applicants.

    Social Media Plug:

    We’ve discovered this new technology called Social Media, and when you post information to it, hundreds and thousands of people get to see it…. Which is why we want to tell everyone out there about your awesome job! We post to Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Plugs draw in 20% more applicants typically.


    Our newsletter spots sell like hot cakes, and there is no wonder why (but we will keep limiting it to the Top 10!). Our Monday newsletter goes out to over 150k people. We are often booked up a few weeks in advance. Newsletter jobs tend to have 30% more applicants, but also drives traffic to your website from the curious folk who read the newsletter to find out about awesome companies.
  • Why should I buy the add-ons?

    We want you to have the best experience of Escape, and for most people, that usually means getting as many awesome and talented people to apply to your job. Our add-ons drives traffic to your job posting and gets the job out there.

    We understand that a lot of start-ups are on a budget too. If you don’t choose to buy the add-ons we will still help you optimise your listing so you get the best out of Escape. Just talk to us :-)
  • What if I don’t find someone I want?

    We understand that when hiring someone, you don’t want to rush and end up with the wrong person in the team. Hiring is super important, and something that should be carefully considered. To reflect this, we let you extend your listing for free - yes, totally free. You also have the option of ‘bumping’ your listing which will put your listing back to the top of the page when members are looking for jobs.

    We have a list of resources here, that we have collected and collated, that are awesome guides to help you in your hiring process.
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    We want everybody to love Escape and to maintain our image as the go-to site to hire the best team. If this isn’t the case with you, then of course, you get your money back.

    We never want someone to stop using our services without us hearing about it though, we rely on feedback to progress and evolve. So please be honest, be brutal and tell us!
  • How can I share a success story?

    We love success stories and are really keen to receive yours!

    We have got this quick form here where you can share your success story!
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