Welcome to The Escape Cafe







Old Street Station, London.


A place to work, hatch plans, share skills, connect, get inspired
and wake yourself up from the daily grind.


Waking up the working world one coffee at a time.

What’s on at The Escape Cafe?

Meet Escapees

Come and meet people who have already Escaped…

Check out Escapees at the Cafe on Instagram

Taylor Street Coffee + Escape Brands

Serving up London’s finest coffee, sandwiches, delicious snacks and some of our favourite Escape startups including: Ugly Drinks, Doisy & Dam, and Moju Drinks.

Co-working & Events

Weekly events (see below) on escaping, starting a business and how to find work that matters to you.

Co-working daily.

Cafe available for hire for groups of up to 30 for evenings and weekends.

Location: Old Street Station, Exit 2

Opening Hours: 7:30am – 7pm, Monday – Friday
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