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Grow your team the smart way, with match-led hiring for businesses on a mission.

Hiring is hard. When you’re running or growing a business you care about, the challenge of finding new team members to help you achieve your mission is no small one. Not only are you really (really) busy getting stuff done – you also know how tricky it is to find new hires who just… get it.

Escape’s own mission has attracted an impressive bunch of jobseekers. Each week, 1000 ambitious, switched on, thoughtful professionals join the site – people who want to put their experience and skills to better use. 

Our goal has always been to help these people find work that matters to them. Which means understanding people, understanding organisations, and connecting the dots between them.

That’s what gets us out of bed every day.

Where Escape Recruitment comes in

Escape Recruitment is all about finding the right match. That means:

Meaningful matching

A great candidate is one thing, but they need to fit with your company values, get on board with your ways of working and have the skills needed to get the job done. We work closely with employers and with candidates to get beyond job specs and CVs, and create connections based on mission and culture as well as skills.

Getting experts on the inside

Seven years of helping mission-driven organisations to grow (and escapees to escape) has taught us a thing or two about the changing face of recruitment. We’re here to plug these expertise in to your organisation – so expect us to come hang out in your office, get to know your team, and really get to grips with what makes your organisation tick. 

Taking out the legwork

We know that when you’re running a small team making big things happen, it’s hard to find the time needed for a thorough, thoughtful hiring process – and even harder to guarantee success. We’ll make sure you only spend time meeting candidates who are brilliantly suited to the role and to your company.

Who we help

Escape Recruitment isn’t for every business. We work with organisations who a) we can help the most, and b) are well aligned with Escape’s own mission.

We’re excited to work with you if your business…

…is on the small side.
Escape Recruitment is best suited to teams of 5-100, who maybe don’t have a dedicated internal talent acquisition team. We’re here to seamlessly plug in to your team and provide that service as though from the inside.

…has a clear mission and purpose.
You care about what you do and want to find people who will bring as much passion and commitment to your work as you do.

…is looking for mid-senior roles
The ideal roles are mid-level and beyond (e.g. 4+ years experience, or a salary of approx £35k+). This is who makes up the majority of our candidate pool, and we know that they’re looking for more than reading about a job on a job board.

…knows the value of people.
We work best with employers who see their teams as more than org charts and job specs, and who share our belief that awesome humans power awesome work.

Why is it different?

Escape is all about doing something different. We help our community step away from the corporate norm, but we also demand it of ourselves and how we operate.

Our mission is to wake up the working world to a better, happier, more sustainable way of doing things. We do recruitment differently because we believe the world of hiring needs a serious shake up.

That’s why we’re setting out to change the standards for how recruitment should operate. Which means:

No one works on commission

We’re motivated to fill your role because that’s what we’ve promised – not because anyone will get a cut of the fee. We’re proud to say that Escape Recruitment is genuinely about matching, not selling. We care about growing your team, not lining our pockets.

There's no cold-calling

We only reach out to people who are already in the Escape ecosystem, who know and trust what we stand for. So there’s no cringeworthy LinkedIn reachouts or cold emails, and we can set out on the right foot by building meaningful conversations that will lead to a more authentic match.

We do things culture-first

Not only will we work with you to get behind-the-scenes of the job spec; we’ll also use our in-depth profile data (on everything from fulfilment factors to working style) plus thorough pre-interview conversations to make sure our understanding of your prospective candidates goes far beyond the traditional CV.

Who you'll work with


Mel has worked at Escape for the last 2.5 years, connecting London’s most exciting Escape organisations with their next hire through our job board, recruitment and careers fairs. She understands what awesome hiring looks like for employers and for candidates, and will support the creation of your own bespoke process for finding the perfect match. 


Mikey is one of Escape’s Founding Partners, and has spent 7 years working with our growing community of escapees to help them find more fulfilling work. He knows our candidate database back to front and inside out, so will be helping source the best people for your role to guarantee a great match.

Let's find you a great match.

We’d love to chat – give us a call on +44 (0)203 514 5530 or email mel@escapethecity.org.

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