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Chief Executive Officer - aBi Development

The CEO leads the development of aBi Development’s vision, mission, and strategy, working in collaboration with the Board and key stakeholders. The job holder will be responsible for the organisation’s long-term success, sustainability and fulfilment of investors’ objectives in the form of both financial return and social impact.


Strategic Leadership

Provide strategic leadership to the aBiD team and stakeholders, supporting the development of innovative strategies for enhancing the contribution of the Agribusiness sector towards equitable wealth creation in Uganda.

Leadership & Empowerment of the Team

Take the lead in developing and building an aBiD team that is fully engaged and committed to delivering the overall objectives of aBiD; drive the development and execution of the overall people strategy and systems.

Strategic Relationship Management

Build relationships with key actors; ensure the development and implementation of influencing strategies and interventions that drive mindset change, uptake of aBi Development’s products, and achievement of market facilitation goals.

Supporting Effective Governance

Work with the aBiD Board to develop and implement effective governance; carry out duties in accordance with the authorities delegated under aBiD’s constitutional documents and lead the development of appropriate policies, procedure, structures & systems.

Ensuring Impactful Operations

Lead the team to achieve operational goals and effectively manage learning; ensuring that quality of performance meets the standards and expectations of the strategic plan and key stakeholders (Board and Investors).

Financial Viability, Risk and Resource Management

Ensure the financial viability and sustainability of aBiD through effective resource mobilization and management; ensuring that risks are identified and adequately managed.