Head of Programs

Untap the full potential of female tech talent from the Middle East & North Africa


Head of Programs

Your Role

To achieve our ambitious vision, we’re seeking a Head of Programs. You’ll run our Program, Sales,, and Talent Placement teams, executing on the solution we’ve developed & improving it. This will give our CEO & CTO the ability to focus almost entirely on developing a tech product which drives and enhances this core business. 

This means you’ll be the strategic leader & manager ensuring that we:

  • Inspire (women) engineers in the Middle East & North Africa to dream bigger
  • Shape & run our training & vetting process, growing it from serving 100 engineers per year to 1000 engineers per year
  • Identify & onboard hundreds of new hiring partners per year by creating & executing on a growth & sales strategy
  • Mange the talent placement approach, matching hundreds (and later thousands) of engineers to jobs in our hiring partner network
  • Shape Manara’s future solutions - what do our alumni need once they’re in their first jobs? How might we test & launch these new services or products?

Your Qualifications

Note: Diverse candidates often screen themselves out of job applications if they don’t have all the qualifications. Please apply if you’re excited about the role - we’d love to see your application!

  • Management: You are a stellar manager. Your teams know what is expected of them, deliver on their goals, and love the whole experience of working with you.
  • Entrepreneur: You are scrappy, comfortable with ambiguity and change. You experiment & iterate quickly. You take immense pride in creating solutions that will have long-term impact and you find their monetization opportunities. You build teams/organizations that thrive at each stage of their growth. You can figure out what Manara’s next service/product will be. 
  • Strategic: You identify opportunities for improvement or innovation. You quickly develop solutions for a variety of needs. You listen to users and do competitive analyses. You think through the business opportunities.
  • Operations: You can figure out how to create processes & efficiencies & excellent experiences where none existed. How to go from 10 to 1000. You work with engineers effectively to build tools, or find and manage vendor relationships yourself.
  • Project management: You align stakeholders (e.g., volunteers, staff members) and make sure they get their commitments done on time. You deliver efficiently and on deadline, and provide status updates or get unblocked. You take ownership and get a lot done independently. You execute a variety of tasks with high reliability and few errors. You track & follow up on dozens of details.
  • Experience setting up & using tech tools: Airtable, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, etc. You identify vendors and implement their software when it can accelerate our work.
  • Collaboration/team player: You can work effectively with other people at Manara. You roll up your sleeves to do the unglamorous work or support a team member when needed.  

Knock our socks off:

  • Talent industry expertise: You have experience in the recruitment/talent industry (especially for software engineers) and can thus hit the ground running and grow our own team’s expertise in this area.
  • Product strategy: You have great ideas about how to go from placing 100 engineers per year to 1000, without growing our team. You collaborate effectively with engineers and designers. 
  • MENA expertise: You speak Arabic or are familiar with the Middle East & North Africa
  • Remote: You have experience working on effective remote teams & thrive in such environments. You work well across time zones (e.g., you communicate effectively via asynchronous oral & verbal channels).
  • Passion for Manara’s mission of creating a community that unlocks the full potential of top tech talent in MENA (with a focus on Palestine & women)


We are a fully remote team, so you can be located anywhere. We are aiming to grow hubs in Berlin, Palestine, and the SF Bay Area. Our US team travels regularly to Europe and MENA and we plan to do an annual meetup for our global team.

How to Apply

  1. [OPTIONAL] Complete the short video interview here:
  2. Fill out the application form here: