Interactive Workshops

Learning & Development Consultant

Ace agency seeks lifes leaders with a passion for people and growth to share our global adventure

Outstanding Individuals to Lead in a Growing Business.

Interactive Workshops is an award-winning high growth L&D consultancy delivering world-class leadership development, management skills and professional growth acceleration to some of the world’s top companies.

We are looking for consultants with most of the following:

  1. Someone who is one of life’s natural leaders
  2. Someone who makes the room light up
  3. High levels of professional communication skills
  4. Driven, motivated and goal-oriented
  5. Highly self-aware with excellent empathy skills
  6. Consulting mindset (critical thinking, insight, skills, creativity, logical)
  7. Extremely able to play in a team
  8. Business & professional credibility
  9. Humble (ish)

The Work

There are three key responsibilities and the whole team at interactive workshops works across all these areas

Workshop Facilitation and Leadership Training delivery

Confident, skilful and self-aware, facilitators create great group dynamics and bring workshops to life through a combination of skill, planning and personal charisma. Whether it’s running a team building, strategy day, innovation lab, leadership training, presentation skills masterclass around 30-50% of the job requirement is workshop delivery. We currently have projects running worldwide. Experiential facilitation could be training others in communication, coaching, feedback, agile, creativity, empathy, delegation. Technical know-how of best practice in these areas is extremely valuable. Management experience will also be of use.

Key supporting skills
  • Outstanding presentation skills
  • Moderation, teaching, coaching or training skills
  • Self-confidence and the “performer gene” (i.e someone who actually likes getting up in front of a group)
  • Process management and time management (i.e following a workshop plan to time).
  • A passion for mastery and personal improvement in a commercial context

Influencing & Consultative Selling

Our FTSE 100 and other clients are generally heads of L&D who are extremely open to new ideas and use interactive workshops as their people innovation agency. Successful candidates will be able to influence, persuade, and inspire using conversational, relational and written skills. This involves running scoping workshops, creating concepts, pitching ideas, having coffee, lunch, and running marketing workshops. Knowledge of consultative selling processes will help, as will any experience in sales management.

Key supporting skills
  • Relationship building
  • Discovery phase fact and insight finding
  • Conceptual skills to turn insight into innovation
  • Influencing skills
  • Positivity and energy
  • Passport

L&D Design

Working on global projects might involve jumping on a plane and going to work collaboratively. Successful applicants will have a demonstrated interest in personal development and be well-read in leadership, communication, motivation, self-development. We draw on a large pool of thinkers and practitioners in business and have written something like six management and leadership books this year in collaboration with clients. They will be able to translate ideas into something clients want to say yes to. This includes workshop outlines, workshop content, L&D strategies, digital work (such as whiteboard videos), magazines, film etc in collaboration with our internal design studio. Lots of the skillsets in this area overlap with marketing skills so any experience in that area would be helpful.

Key supporting skills
  • Creative and conceptual skills,
  • Excellent written and visual communication
  • Project management skills
  • Extremely high levels of personal organisation and attention to detail
  • Collaboration skills for internal and external use
  • Positive responsiveness to feedback and continuous improvement
  • Marketing skills