Good & Proper Tea

Wholesale Manager

Premium tea brand seeks motivated team-player to nurture and build our Wholesale network across the UK.

Good & Proper Tea are London-based, premium tea specialists, loved & served by the UK’s finest cafes, hotels and restaurants, as well as enjoyed by a loyal and fast-growing community of tea drinkers at home. With 10 years of brewing now under our belt, we’re growing faster than ever and are now ready to take things to the next level. That means continuing to build our brand community, ensuring we remain best-in-class when it comes to quality, and leading the way on all things sustainability, from becoming certified B Corp (in progress) to our roadmap to Net Zero. We are therefore looking to hire an enthusiastic Wholesale Manager to join our team and play a key part in our ongoing journey.

The role:

You will be responsible first and foremost for ensuring that all of our existing Wholesale customers have everything they need to deliver a great Good & Proper tea experience. From speciality coffee shops to independent delis, boutique hotels to high-end offices, you will need to build and nurture relationships to ensure that these hard-earned customers have everything they need for their customers and their operation, and have no reason to look elsewhere. You’ll need to ensure they are representing Good & Proper in the best way possible, with the brand and product looking and tasting great across all of our partners.

You’ll also work closely with our Head of Sales to bring in new business, helping find and onboard new, high-quality Wholesale accounts, from independent cafe and multi-sites to hotels, restaurants and high-end retail. We’re lucky enough to be approached every day by new operators looking to improve their tea offering, so it’ll be down to you to identify the right ones and get them onboard.

Role responsibilities:

  • Build and nurturing relationships to ensure our partners have everything they need to deliver a best-in-class tea experience
  • Ensuring Good & Proper is represented in the best way possible wherever it is stocked, so working with partners to making sure their menus, service and teaware are on point.
  • Finding and onboard new, high-quality wholesale partners, from independent cafe and multi-sites to hotels, restaurants and high-end retail.
  • Contributing to reporting on Account performance
  • Attending trade shows and relevant events to engage new customers and network within the community in which we operate

You'll need to be:

  • A confident people-person - you will be speaking to new people and building relationships from the ground up. Customers should feel that they are valued, with quality always top of mind.
  • Enthusiastic and energetic - you will be sharing the story of the brand and helping customers get excited about it so it needs to be infectious. You’ll also need to be willing to travel to visit customers in London and beyond where necessary.
  • Organised - you’ll need to be able to manage your time as effectively as possible, enjoy process and have a keen eye for detail.
  • Entrepreneurial - we’re a small team and all play a role in growing the business together - finding new and creative ways to grow will be welcomed.
  • Motivated - we’ve got big plans for the business, so the right person will feel as passionate as we do about our ongoing growth.
  • A foodie - it’s important that you care about quality food and drink as much as the people you’ll be talking to
  • Authentic - perhaps one of the most important attributes of the right candidate will be genuinely understanding the value in the quality of our product. Authenticity is one of our core brand values, so it’s essential that everyone in the team believes in what we’re doing.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills, as well as comfortable with and quick to learn on relevant tech / IT platforms eg Notion, Gorgias, Microsoft Office etc.

No prior experience in tea is required, but a keen interest in quality tea, coffee and/or food is a plus.