We are looking to our grow our network of charismatic Flock facilitators.


FLOWN helps people work better. We do this by giving our members tools to focus, and tools to recharge their focus.

Our platform offers a holistic approach, based on all the scientific research into what helps us become more productive, creative and fulfilled.

FLOWN is led by successful serial entrepreneur, Alicia Navarro, founder of Skimlinks (acquired by Connexity April 2020), and backed well-known entrepreneurs and angels such as Greg Marsh (OneFineStay), Taavet Hinrikus (Transferwise), Tom Allason (Shutl).

About the role

Flocks is one of our core products that helps people focus, in a group. They are virtual deep work sessions, led by experienced facilitators, and are designed to help members achieve their work goals while feeling connected to a diverse community. We believe that publicly stating your intentions for the day amongst peers is a powerful technique for achieving focus and keeping yourself accountable.

We are looking to our grow our network of charismatic Flock facilitators. Each facilitator will have the gravitas to hold space for a virtual audience of entrepreneurs, academics and other knowledge workers. They require the skills, passion, and confidence to lead the group through a series of meditations, reflections, and activities.

We run Flocks each day - 20mins in the morning ('Take Off'), 2 hours in the middle of the day as well as in the evening ('Deep Dive'), and 1 hour at the end of the working day ('Power Hour'). We're ideally looking for facilitators who are available a few hours per week - so this could suit someone who is engaged in their own deep work, and wanting to be a part of something that truly embraces this, while earning some income at the same time.

The rate of pay will be approximately £20 per hour.


Here are some of things you'll be be responsible for:

  • Greeting and welcoming members, creating a secular ritual space for business people
  • Guiding each group through the ritual script/structure, making it feel professional yet special
  • Reciting (and eventually perhaps writing) our FLOWN meditations, designed to prepare members for a day of deep work.
  • Coordinating break-out rooms for intention setting and reflections.
  • Facilitating online deep work sessions (deep dives) - doing your own deep work in the process!
  • Running these sessions smoothly, weaving multimedia elements in as scripted, with limited oversight.
  • Genuinely helping members become more focused, productive, accountable and creative through FLOWN.
  • Providing feedback to FLOWN on audience engagement and ideas for Flocks improvement.
  • Take part in regular team retrospectives to continually elevate and refine our work as Flock Facilitators.


We think you’ll need the following experience in order to succeed in the role:

  • Experience using Zoom concurrently with other applications.
  • Experience presenting to large, live, virtual audiences.

In addition, here are the core attributes we think you'll need to succeed in the role:

  • Charismatic presenter - you have the gravitas to command the attention of a virtual audience consisting of entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, and other types of knowledge workers. You understand how to use your voice and body to both engage with audiences and put them at ease. You are able to read from a script in an engaging manner.
  • Strong personal brand - you have a personality that our members will be drawn to. You are able to come up with new concepts for break activities, reflections, and intention setting questions that resonate with our community and reflect your personality.
  • Tech savvy - you can comfortably, confidently, and independently, operate various tools and multimedia elements whilst facilitating a live session.
  • Calm and confident - you can work off a script with a natural ease, and you know when to ad-lib to get the most of a session. You aren't thrown if things don't go to plan, and always come across as authentic and poised.
  • Passionate about deep work - you're excited by FLOWN's mission, have knowledge and expertise in deep work, and can convey this passion and knowledge when hosting an audience.


We want to practice what we preach, and build a company and team that works creatively and productively. Although this is a freelance role, there are still benefits we believe you'll gain in working with us:

  • Scope and influence - you're supporting a founding team and will be involved in shaping our product, what we do, and how we work.
  • A focus on deep work - we exist to support deep work among our members, and believe that the sessions you run and the content you'll have access to will also help you in developing your own deep working principles.
  • A strong team - we are led by a proven CEO & Founder, and the rest of the team is equally highly experienced. We also have a high-calibre of investors with a solid runway.
  • Fully dispersed, flexible working - we are a remote-first company, so you can work wherever you like provided it's quiet and distraction-free. We are looking to build up a small network of facilitators so that we can accommodate different working preferences and timetables.
  • FLOWN membership - we will provide all our facilitators with free FLOWN membership, so that they discover first-hand the benefits we are promising our members.