Edventure Frome

Start-up Course Facilitator

Innovative social enterprise incubation hub is looking for a facilitator to inspire under 35s to launch new social enterprises.

Introduction to Edventure

At Edventure, we aim to grow meaningful livelihoods and support commercial and charitable ventures that contribute to sustainable, healthy communities. 

We do this by helping individuals to feel agency in their lives and supporting organisations that work for people and the planet.

As a hub for community enterprise, we run programmes for young adults and courses for people of all ages, as well as several community initiatives and satellite enterprises, such as The Welsh Mill Hub and Share - a library of things. 

Our Start-up course has been running for nearly 10 years, and teaches young adults how to build a social enterprise and find agency in their lives.

Job overview

It is an exciting time for Edventure. As well as being our 10th year, we are going to be launching our flagship, Start-up programme in Taunton. To support this, Edventure is recruiting a new Course Facilitator to join our expanding Programmes Team, and support our new offer.

We are looking for someone with a passion for making a difference in the world. Someone with strong interpersonal skills, and experience of delivering training to groups. A leader, with the ability to coach students to achieve their potential, while keep calm under pressure. A creative thinker and entrepreneur, someone who understands the freedoms and restraints of establishing a new enterprise. And they must be digitally competent, able to update online course material, and manage social media.

The role includes; delivering face-to-face courses following the Start-up syllabus, coordinating pupil recruitment, managing community outreach, both in person and on-line, and building a local stakeholder network.

Job Basics

  • Role title: Course Facilitator
  • Based in Taunton
  • Hours: 24 hrs per week. 6 hrs per day (9.00-15.00) Monday to Thursday during the courses weeks, and flexible working hours at other times.
  • Salary: £26-27k pro rata,  
  • Start date: January 2022
  • Type of contract: Fixed term 12 month contract, with the ambition to grow in to a permanent position


Edventure start-up Course

  • Facilitation of our flagship start-up course - Running two 11 week courses twice a year. (training will be provided and supported by the Course Leader, as well as through our online resources and Google Classroom content).
  • Recruiting new students to the course through online promotion and local networking
  • Management and recruitment of course contributors, stakeholders and volunteers
  • Course evaluation, safeguarding and administration

Person spec 

We are looking for someone who has the ability to inspire, train and support young people, with a passion for community entrepreneurship and sustainability.


  • Experience in providing training / facilitation to groups, and working with teams
  • Strong understanding of what is involved in starting up community based initiatives and enterprises.
  • Ability to build and sustain an inspiring rapport with young people
  • Ability to start and run projects successfully to tight time periods
  • Self starter who can make good decisions independently
  • An individual who can work successfully and effectively with a range of partners
  • Good digital and social media skills


  • Experience of working in the green or community sector
  • Understanding of the issues young people face 
  • Experience starting a social enterprise / community project or small business
  • Knowledge of experiential learning and group facilitation
  • Knowledge of how teams work, group decision making processes and conflict resolution
  • Good local connections

How to apply

Please email your application (cover letter & CV) to info@edventurefrome.org by 9am Wednesday December 8th 2021

Please also include two references, one from a recent employer, including name, position, phone number and email address..


Invitations to interview will be sent out on Monday 13th December. The interviews will take place on Thursday 6th January 2022 in Taunton

Thank you for taking time to apply. 

We are looking forward to receiving your application.