The Against Malaria Foundation

Operations Manager

Join one of the world’s most effective charities to support the operations team to buy and distribute between 25 and 50 million mosquito nets per year.

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) was founded in 2004 and is a charity that fights malaria in a highly effective, accountable and transparent way.

We do this by purchasing and distributing multiple millions of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) at a time in nationwide universal coverage campaigns. This is the most cost effective way of preventing malaria. AMF receives donations from the public and in the last financial year received US$107m. AMF is particularly data-focused and monitors and reports on net use and drives and supports innovation to improve the effectiveness of malaria programmes.

AMF has been rated a top charity for all of the last 12 years by independent charity evaluators GiveWell and The Life You Can Save who focus on cost-effectiveness and impact.

We are a team of nine highly motivated individuals with different skills and experience. Each person has an important role to play. All team members work remotely with constant communication between them. While the team is small, the impact is big - our net distributions protect millions of people. Our largest programme is in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where we are funding 52 million nets to protect 95 million people for distribution during 2021 to 2023. We have ongoing multi-million net programmes in other countries including Uganda, Nigeria, Guinea and Togo.

Our activities and commitments have grown over time and AMF is now the world’s third largest funder of nets. In the coming years, we expect to buy and distribute between 25 and 50 million nets per year. Given this pipeline, we wish to add talent to our operations.

Role description

The Operations Manager will join the five person operations team and be involved in all aspects of AMF’s operations. S/he will work closely with the Head of Analytics and the Operations Director and have both general and specific responsibilities.

General: Operations support and analysis

The Operations Manager will assist with a wide range of activities, including day-to-day operational matters, and longer term analysis. Further information below.

Specific: Net management, Decision-related data analysis

Net management: Primary responsibility within the team to ensure that AMF nets are procured, tested, inspected, shipped, transported to their final destination in a timely fashion; and for all associated systems and reporting.

Further information below.

Decision-related data analysis: malaria case rate data, net performance data and insecticide resistance data are generated or gathered and analysed to support key operational decisions. Further information below.

Other responsibilities will be added over time as the individual and role develops.


Further information

General: Operations support and analysis

Work as part of the operations team to

  • Provide support during the tendering process for monitoring activities including:
  • preparing documents, reviewing budgets submitted and preparing final documents and
  • agreements for signature
  • Keep operations systems updated to ensure that activities are taking place on time
  • Manage partner payments through AMF’s payment approval system
  • Build and managing relationships with partners in Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Work closely with the Head of Analytics to:
  • Perform ad-hoc analyses including: reviewing population data from different sources to
  • assess net need; modelling the environmental impacts of a net and how any significant
  • impacts can be reduced
  • Create spreadsheets with locations, net need and other key information to enable future
  • net distributions to be added to AMF’s systems
  • Plan and decide on priorities for decision-related data analysis work

Specific: Net management; Decision-related data analysis

  • 1) Net management
  • 1. Procurement of nets
  • When purchasing nets, AMF selects one or more net suppliers from a series of qualified manufacturers. The Operations Manager will play a key role in procurement.
  • Tender for nets amongst approved suppliers
  • Work with the Operations team to help select which type of net is required for each net
  • distribution, for example assessing regional insecticide resistance data
  • Place orders for nets and ensure production timelines are met
  • Implement anti-theft measures on all AMF nets
  • 2. Inspection and international shipping of nets
  • AMF works with co-funding partners that fund the inspection, international shipping and customs clearance of nets.
  • Liaise closely with manufacturers, logistics agents and in-country partners to ensure good coordination
  • Ensure inspection is carried out with randomized net bale selection
  • Receive and assess inspection results of AMF nets
  • Provide key input to work with logistics agents to develop a shipping plan for each
  • distribution. This will include managing key inputs such as production timelines, planned
  • distribution dates, estimated travel times etc.
  • Track net shipments and communicate arrival dates to in-country partners
  • Work with partners to troubleshoot issues, such as mitigating the impact of container
  • shortages due to Covid-19
  • 3. Tracking nets in-country
  • • Track nets and obtain the necessary waybills to ensure proof of arrival at final
  • destination and in the agreed quantities
  • Manage the communication/resolution of any discrepancies with in-country partners
  • Manage quantification and agree on future use of any leftover nets after distribution
  • Ensure that AMF systems are updated so that colleagues and donors have full
  • transparency of net location
  • Work with the IT team to continue to develop AMF’s net tracking system

2) Decision-related data analysis

  • AMF places significant weight on data to drive decisions. We continue to develop our capabilities to generate or gather, and analyse: malaria case rate data, net performance data and insecticide resistance data. We have programmes in each of these areas and they will be developed significantly in the coming several years.
  • The Operations Manager will work closely with the Head of Analytics in the following areas. Responsibilities will be added over time as the individual and role develops.
  • 1. Malaria case rate data
  • These data allow us to monitor impact and suggest or introduce additional actions that enhance malaria control.
  • Analyse the impact of malaria incidence across AMF distributions by analysing large datasets, including using information/assumptions to remove unreliable data
  • Cross reference malaria incidence data with distribution coverage and post -distribution monitoring coverage
  • Assess the impact of net distributions occurring every 30 months
  • 2. Net performance data
  • These data allow the performance of different types of nets, with different active ingredients to be monitored over the first three years of their life.
  • Continue to develop a net testing programme that includes sampling nets from the field and sending them to labs for analysis
  • Analyse the data to understand if nets are performing as expected and, if not, assess the likely reasons for this
  • Use data and conclusions in discussions with suppliers and other partners to influence decision making and help drive improvements
  • 3. Insecticide resistance data
  • These data are crucial in driving net type decisions for specific countries or regions.
  • Assess gaps in the current system of insecticide resistance data collection in the countries that AMF supports
  • Develop a plan to strengthen these data collection programmes, making use of in- country capacity
  • Manage insecticide resistance data collection, both from the field and lab tests
  • Feed information and conclusions into decision making during net selection

Characteristics of the successful candidate

We are looking for someone who has strong analytical skills, strong interpersonal and intellectual skills, who works collaboratively in a team and relishes responsibility and the opportunity to learn and develop their abilities. The ideal candidate will be motivated to help improve the lives of those affected by the wider impacts of malaria.


  • Strong, demonstrated analytical ability
  • A self-starter with excellent organisational skills and the ability to work independently and
  • manage working time effectively
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build and maintain strong working relationships
  • An interest in driving efficiency through procedure changes and the use of technology
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Fluent English
  • Desirable (but not required)
  • Fluent French
  • Experience working with large datasets
  • Some logistics experience
  • No prior operations experience is necessary.

Other role details

  • Co-reporting to: the Head of Analytics and Operations Director
  • Location: Remote working (all the AMF team work remotely) within Africa/UK/Europe time zones. The cost of any co-working office space will be covered by AMF. Part of the first three months may be spent in the UK working with the Operations team.
  • Salary: GBP35,000 to GBP45,000 (depending on experience) Company contributed pension scheme
  • 25 holiday days per year + bank holidays


  • Applicants should send a one-page cover letter explaining why they are interested in, and suitable for, the position, attaching their CV, to
  • The deadline for applications is 30th November 2021