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Chief Executive Officer

The View Magazine CiC ( The View) is a UK and Ireland -based, not-for-profit organisation by and for women in the justice system

Chief Executive Officer

Human Rights Platform and Quarterly Print Magazine

Job description

ABOUT The View 

The View Magazine CiC ( The View) is a UK and Ireland -based, not-for-profit organisation by and for women in the justice system. It inspires, educates and engages audiences through a globally-recognised quarterly print publication , and our groundbreaking campaigns, exhibitions and special events during the year, including a quarterly print magazine and community engagement. Women in the justice system are paid for their contributions and thus have a chance to reclaim their own narratives to become seen as visionaries, story tellers, artists rather than to be known as someone’s victim or by the worst thing they ever did, in criminal labelling. Through words, art and conversation, The View’s mission is to shine a spotlight on significant human rights issues confronted by the most vulnerable and marginalised women of our time, to engage diverse audiences and tell the stories that matter.


An exceptional opportunity exists for a highly motivated, outstanding individual to lead The View as a Chief Executive Officer. After just completing its 2nd year, the View is seeking a CEO with a demonstrated track record to lead The View’s team, undertake strategic business development, drive revenue and growth and secure its long-term sustainability with innovative programming, entrepreneurial and commercial opportunities and strategic fundraising.


The CEO position is full-time for a fixed 24-month contract based inEngland or Ireland. Salary will be between £45 000 and £50 000 plus 9.5% superannuation depending on qualifications, experience and other relevant considerations.


Fundraising and business development

  • Oversee existing and actively grow new revenue-generating activities of the printed publication, events and exhibitions, including corporate, philanthropic and government funding, to achieve budget targets and ensure financial sustainability.
  • Responsibility to achieve a ~£500K income target and drive growth year on year.
  • Actively network and build strong relationships with stakeholders to increase The View’s profile, grow audience numbers and secure financial and in-kind support.
  • Identify and develop potential entrepreneurial opportunities within The View’s business model.
  • Manage deliverables under funding contracts, including strategies/plans, remittance advice, reporting requirements and acquittals.

Strategy and Governance

  • Develop short and long-term organisational strategy, budgets and business direction.
  • Liaise with, engage and support The View’s Board with strategic reporting and recommendations.
  • Review, evaluate and implement The View’s strategic business plan, optimising commercial opportunities, in collaboration and consultation with the Board.
  • Develop systems and procedures necessary for the efficient operation of the organisation.
  • Prepare and manage budgets, implement financial controls and monitor financial risks.

Organisational Leadership and Human Resource Management

  • Maintain and manage an efficient, agile and effective organisational structure.
  • Lead, manage and recruit (when necessary) core View team and large team of exhibition / confgerence /event volunteers.
  • Provide a team with clear direction, budget-lines and deliverables.
  • Provide opportunities for staff to develop their skills, and provide feedback on performance.

Office management and operations

  • Management of office-space, infrastructure and equipment.
  • Management of relationships required to run the organisation and events.
  • Contract management for all equipment, licenses and subscriptions required to maintain operations.
  • Procurement and tendering of major contracts.
  • Undertake compliance and reporting procedures.

Major Conference / Event Delivery

  • Oversee the delivery of a quarterly magazine, human rights campaigns and a leading platform for women’s rights in the justice system which engages, inspires and challenges audiences on human rights issues through words, art and conversation.
  • Oversee marketing, communications and public relations plans to enhance The View’s image and position locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Lead the organisation’s sales and marketing campaigns to grow audiences and meet income targets from advertising sales, ticket sales and subscriptions. 
  • Be the “public face” of The View acting as its representative at events as required and/or assign and brief spokespeople as appropriate.
  • Ensure consistent articulation ofThe View’s brand, developing and facilitating communication to all audiences and stakeholders, both internal and external.
  • Monitor and analyse conference, print publication performance and progress, ensure organisational strategy, tracking engagement and conversion, and completing post-Festival report writing and recommendations to Board.


The View is looking for someone with the following skills and experience, which include:

  • Demonstrated fundraising skills and ability to identify, secure and manage financial and in-kind partnerships including long-term funding streams.
  • Strong financial literacy and ability to develop, understand and work to budgets.
  • Demonstrated experience in executive level management, and ability to thrive in small cohesive teams
  • Demonstrated high-level project management and event execution skills.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) including public speaking experience.
  • Demonstrated networking and relationship management skills.
  • Experience in the development and implementation of strategic business plans.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and demonstrated experience in organisational resourcefulness.
  • Demonstrable human resource management skills.

The ideal candidate for this role will possess the following values:

  • Highly developed leadership and teamwork skills, including demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with and motivate a volunteer workforce.
  • A demonstrated interest in human rights issues and compassion towards The View’s objectives, vision and values.
  • Resilience, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, and relative calmness under pressure.


The View is an Equal Opportunity Employer however as an organisation leading in the campaign for equality and the rights of women, we have elected to recruit a woman for the CEO post. This exemption is allowed under the Equalities Act and also under relevant Irish legislation, as we engage with vulnerable women on a face to face and one to one level. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, age, national origin or disability and encourage people of diverse backgrounds to apply.

This is a broad, diverse role. We value a can-do attitude and willingness to learn. Even if you don’t meet all of the selection criteria but think you are the right fit for the role, we strongly encourage you to apply.

To Apply:Please send a CV and a cover letter answering the three questions below, to

  1. Tell us why you are the perfect candidate for this role and what you can bring to it?
  2. Tell us how you would improve the public's understanding of trauma and abuse and the way it affects women in the justice system.
  3.  Your secret superpower is...