Operations Manager

Early childhood education, starting with sleep.

We are looking for an Operations Manager with excellent written communications skills. You should revel in concise and compelling communications and understand that they can have a multiplier effect on early-stage businesses.

Batelle was launched in March 2020, and since then our customer base has continued to grow by 20% month over month.

About You

  • A polymath, you are a quick learner, your number one goal is to accelerate the speed at which you learn
  • Coachable with an ability to progress from feedback   
  • Unapologetically ambitious 
  • A fixer - you identify problems and solve them
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • A hacker with a love of making other people's lives easier 
  • A heterodox thinker
  • A structured systems thinker
  • Commercially minded and can adapt quickly to change 
  • You love to test things out and are unafraid of failure
  • A self-starter and able to work on your own 

You Have

  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Experience working in a growth stage company
  • An analytical and inquisitive mind
  • Strong listening skills
  • An understanding of technical and/or financial terminology

Role Responsibilities 

  • Continuously adapt to the scaling needs of the business 
  • Ensure we build robust processes as we scale  
  • Support the COO in daily operations of Batelle


  • Opportunity to work in a fast-growing company
  • In-depth insight into: 
  • How to work effectively on large scale projects
  • How to launch/test business concepts in a structured manner
  • How to raise capital from tier 1 US/UK VCs
  • How to think in systems