Technical Lead

An exciting and rewarding opportunity for an aspiring, senior full stack engineer that wants to design, plan and drive the development of software within a creative business and see their work really brought to life.

You will be instrumental in bringing joy to thousands of people as the systems you design and build facilitate life changing experiences. 

You will take leadership over engineering; collaborating on the product vision, planning the technology and managing delivery to ensure that it provides an outstanding experience for our customers. We are a supportive team and will invest in education and experimentation to push the boundaries of your abilities and our shared achievements. 

Key Information

Salary: £75,000 to £85,000 per year depending on experience

Social: Annual retreat and monthly adventures/parties

Health: £500 per year for your physical/mental health

Education: £1000 per year for your learning and development

Tools: Premium hardware and software for you to do your best work

Annual Leave: 30 days (including public holidays)

Location: Hybrid (minimum 5 days per month in London office)

Hours: Flexible 40hrs per week (3 core hours per day between 10:00-18:00 GMT/BST)

Start Date: Mar-Apr 2022

Application Deadline: 6th Feb 2022

We are currently experimenting with our approach to hybrid work and flexible hours to find our optimum team setup. Some prefer the office hubbub, some prefer being home. We are goals focussed and want everyone to feel fulfilled in work and life, so we will look to integrate whatever helps you to be your best.

Your goal

Create beautiful digital experiences

You will be

Building publicly accessible, cloud based software solutions that our customers can interact with using web browsers and mobile applications to research our packages, purchase and manage tickets to our events, book accommodation locally or onsite, plan their travel, organise their schedule, check-in to events, earn rewards, buy merchandise, get support and otherwise interact with our brand. Our events take place in remote locations where network connectivity is at a premium and concurrent users can increase rapidly so performance and scalability is extremely important.

Systems Architecture

  • Understanding the experiences we want to create for our customers and helping shape our digital products vision 
  • Designing the systems, selecting the right technologies and leading the engineering to deliver that vision on time and on budget
  • Creating systems for code development, deployment and management including version controls, branching strategies, merge requests, code repositories, component libraries, injection pipelines, coding conventions and best practices 
  • Creating human and automated testing regimes and implementing them as part of the code pipelines
  • Creating and running a DevOps model for efficient provisioning and scaling of resources and allow seamless collaboration and continuous delivery

Project Management 

  • Planning and managing all engineering work and to ensure that agreed deadlines and quality standards are met
  • Selecting your preferred project management framework and implementing it with the engineering team
  • Working with colleagues to organise, filter and prioritise feature requests and bug resolutions and managing expectations on development timelines
  • Managing the technology and engineering budget
  • Producing reports on the progress of engineering work

Coding & Code Review

  • Writing foundational code; defining common, reusable patterns and components.
  • Reviewing code written by other engineers to ensure that our library of patterns and components are adhered to
  • Upholding quality standards, conventions and guidelines across our codebase
  • Managing our code library and databases
  • Identifying and diagnosing bugs and issues and leading all defect resolution

Security, Stability & Testing

  • Assuming overall responsibility for the quality, scalability, stability and security of our digital systems and products
  • Creating extensive human and automated testing regimes and completing thorough testing of all code
  • Analysing performance and reliability data to identify improvements to optimise user experience
  • Setting up performance monitoring and issue alerting systems 

Recruitment & Leadership

  • Maintaining strong relationships with our existing team of 4 senior freelance engineers (1x Wordpress, 1x AWS, 1x Wordpress/React, 1x iOS)
  • Managing the procurement of new services from freelancers and agencies where required with the support of the Administration Manager
  • Recruiting in-house engineers and managing their work and development
  • Using tools to remotely manage engineering work including ClickUp, Github, Slack, Google Workspace

Research & Development

  • Assessing emerging and cutting-edge technologies, frameworks and languages, and integrating them into our digital products vision
  • Working with leadership team to research and develop future digital products, experiences and business lines

Maintenance & Support

  • Managing the ongoing maintenance and support of the systems you build

You are

  • Good at collaborating with both non-technical and technical people
  • Obsessive about stability, quality, performance, tidiness and organisation
  • Able to understand complex problems and identify simple solutions and communicate these with colleagues and users
  • Focused on user experience 
  • Excited by new technologies and the opportunities they present
  • Comfortable working on big picture strategies and the day-to-day grind, and good at switching between those mindsets
  • Excited about taking ownership over a product vision, designing the technology and spearheading a team to deliver it
  • Excellent at managing development timelines and meeting deadlines
  • Tenacious in finding solutions to problems and roadblocks
  • Impassioned by an ambitious vision and an entrepreneurial environment where you will have more freedom, more responsibility, but will have to create your own structure

You will need

  • Expert level full stack development experience
  • Experience designing software products that work at scale
  • Experience project managing the delivery of software on time and on budget
  • Experience writing greenfield code for new software services and working with legacy code to uplift existing software
  • Experience building consumer facing websites, web applications, e-commerce software and mobile apps 
  • Extensive experience working with cloud technologies, APIs and microservice architectures
  • Experience in creating and running devops and infrastructure as code
  • Experience in creating a continuous integration & deployment pipeline
  • Experience in quality assurance, automated testing and defect resolution
  • Experience maintaining and supporting the software you build
  • In depth knowledge of our current technologies which include AWS, Amazon RDS, GCP, Wordpress, Woocommerce, HTML, Javascript, CSS, React, PHP, Nginx, iOS, Github, Stripe

About Wildkind

Wildkind is primarily an events business, with two market leading event properties; Camp Wildfire and Camp Kindling. Since being founded in 2015, we have been growing at 100% year on year. Over the next 10 years, we aim to take our unique events worldwide to inspire, challenge and entertain over 1 million customers. 

An incredible community has grown around our events and is now the centrepoint of everything we do. As well as investing in the growth of our events, we are looking to expand our retail and media business lines to provide even more value to this group.

We are passionate about sustainability and inclusivity and these passions are reflected in our name. These themes will be a big focus of the next few years at Wildkind. We aim to reach Zero Emissions and Zero Landfill by 2025 and have similarly ambitious diversity targets. 

Our mission

To spark curiosity, encourage endeavour and create joy.

Our values 

We support diverse perspectives and discussion; everyone is encouraged to be themselves and input into the organisation and our work at all levels. What aligns us is our common values of curiosity, ambition, integrity & kindness, which we try to practise in everything we do. 

Application Process

We are looking for team members who are interested in a long term career with Wildkind, and want to learn and grow with us. If you think you could achieve the goals set out in this role and would enjoy the work we do, we encourage you to apply regardless of your background. We have an extensive interview process which includes completing tasks and getting to know your potential colleagues, that will allow you to experience our culture first hand. We will request positive references from your past employers to support anything you tell us about your experience.