Food Teacher & Producer

We're looking for someone infectiously passionate about food, to join us as we launch our mission to teach Britain to cook


A full time position has opened for a start-up; Cookable. 

Cookable is a new, online learning platform built to help you conquer your kitchen. Its mission is to deliver live & interactive teaching to the public at scale, in a way that is genuinely effective, affordable and accessible. 

Cookable is looking for a Food Teacher & Producer to join us as we launch - and help with teaching, producing, and all other things start-up! We’ve big ambitions to grow, and fast. This is a role for someone with plenty of drive, hunger, and ambition, as there will be exciting opportunities to grow with the company. 


Cookable, launching in Spring 2022, is an online learning platform delivering a new way to learn to cook.

Our mission is to teach live & interactive classes to the public at scale. Ruthlessly focused on home cooks, the content is relevant to their needs, and the teaching is relatable, digestible, and engaging.  

Cookable’s business is structured to deliver live and interactive teaching at as low a price point as possible, and in as accessible a way as possible. We want to make a meaningful difference to Britain’s cooking ability!

Your Responsibilities 

The Food Teacher and Producer will be instrumental to the launch and running of Cookable. As a startup, the environment will be fast paced and exciting, and the job responsibilities enormously varied.  

We’ve summarised them into 5 buckets:

  1. Teaching - Teaching the Cookable classes to the public! Our teaching is relatable, digestible and engaging.
  2. Producing - Other than teaching, a large requirement will be production. a) All teaching is live and interactive, so basic cameras, lights, mics all need operating. b) Short recipe videos will be part of Cookable’s offer - these will need shooting and editing. c) Social media: pics and vids for our social accounts.  
  3. Recipe Development & Writing - Recipe ideation, development and writing. As well as ‘guides-to’ and tutorials for skills, methods and techniques.  
  4. Customer Service - An ambassador for Cookable, able to promote our teaching to prospective customers, and solve any issues or challenges of existing ones.  
  5. All Things Start Up - We’re pursuing a positive, fast-paced work-environment. As is the nature of start-ups, there will be a multitude of other small responsibilities and plates to simultaneously spin! Multi-tasking will be a necessary skill.  

Who We’re After

Chiefly, we’re looking for good people. Cookable is a start up, with a positive & inclusive ethos, and big ambitions to grow. It’s important that our candidate matches our ethos and ambitions.  

We’re after a candidate who can handle the fast pace and turbulent nature of start ups, and has the hunger to grow into the opportunities that Cookable will offer.  To identify some specifics: 

  1. Communication (teaching) - A confident, engaging communicator. A love of speaking in public, and ability to think-quick, responding to ongoing questions.
  2. Tech know-how(producing) - A general aptitude and confidence in technology. Particularly, shooting (camera phone) and editing quick videos.  
  3. Food Love (recipe creating & writing) - Infectiously passionate for cooking, eating and everything in between. Always keen to learn and explore. Able to translate passion and learnings into recipe ideation, execution, and writing - and of course, teaching.  
  4. People-Orientated(customer service) - Comfortable helping prospective and current customers with any challenges and questions. 
  5. Positive, Driven, Calm(all things start-up) - Start-ups can be fast-paced, exciting, and turbulent environments. We’re looking for someone with a positive attitude, a driven work ethic, and a calm demeanour - ready to take on anything!

Teaching Hours

From launch, teaching will encompass around 50% of the role, and the hours for the teaching will be specified. They are: Mondays: 5pm - 9pm. Tuesdays: 5pm - 9pm. Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm. Sundays: 9am - 10pm 

The rest of the hours (approximately 45hrs per week in total) are flexible, and to be discussed during the interview process. Teaching hours will evolve, and become more flexible and varied as Cookable grows. 

What we’ll offer

Given the wide-ranging nature of the role, we’re expecting an equally varied mix of applicants. Wage will be discussed on a candidate basis - in the range of £23,000 - £28,000 PA.  

We will of course offer training and support - chiefly around teaching, given our high standards.  

Also for consideration and discussion: 

  • Flexible working (other than teaching hours) 
  • 4 vs 5 day working week (to discuss)
  • 33 days holiday (including 8 bank holidays) 
  • Private healthcare 
  • Meals will be available during teaching shifts, and of course after all recipe development and filming!

Next Steps

The crucial factor for you to consider is - does Cookable, the job, and the responsibilities excite you?

If so, and you feel you have what we’re after - get in touch! It’s a varied role, and if there are gaps in knowledge or experience, we don’t mind as long as it’s matched with a hunger to learn. We’ll still be open to having a chat!