Trauma-informed Therapist (USA & Canada)

We’re running a service that connects survivors of sexual assault and abuse with trauma-informed therapists. We’re looking for therapists to join our network on a freelance basis, delivering remote therapy sessions to clients according to your own schedule.


Chayn is an award-winning, open-source collective that leverages technology to empower women against violence and oppression so they can live happier and healthier lives. Chayn started in 2013 to provide survivors of abuse with accurate, diverse and accessible information.

Since our beginnings, 400,000 people have accessed our award-winning work online, generating 1.2 million page views. Up to 70% of our volunteers are survivors of abuse which means not only are our projects user-centred - they are user-led. We are experts in trauma-informed work. We are one of the few feminist technology projects tackling gender-based violence while creating and maintaining openly-licensed products and code. We’re proud to have been profiled by GitHub for this during GitHub Universe 2018 and on GitHub Sponsors. Most of our funding comes from non-profit funding.

About Bloom

Bloom is a free, web-based support service run by Chayn. Designed for anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic or sexual abuse, all courses are packed with tailored information, guidance, everyday tools, and comforting words to cope with traumatic events. Our programme involves learning, reflecting, and processing how what we’ve been through may have affected us - all in a safe and empowering space. To guarantee privacy and safety, every participant remains anonymous without missing out on a group setting. Participants work alongside other survivors with the chance to hear others’ thoughts and share their own at the end of the week. Participants can engage with additional content as much or as little as suits and can choose whether to receive course information via WhatsApp or on Telegram.Watch this video for participants which explains how Bloom works.

Examples of our courses are:

  • Healing from sexual trauma
  • Creating boundaries
  • Reclaiming resilience in your trauma story

We have received funding from Comic Relief, The National Community Lottery Fund and a partnership with the dating app Bumble to expand and experiment with other ways to package our content.

About the role

We’ve recently received funding to offer remote therapy sessions to a specific subset of Bloom users who are referred to us by external clients. These participants will have the opportunity to access up to 6 remote therapy sessions.

We’re looking for therapists based in the US and Canada to deliver these short courses of therapy in English. We have a flexible setup that allows you to synchronise your Google Calendar in real time, making only the slots you have available, free. We expect our therapists to have on average, a minimum of 5 hours of availability per week. You can choose to limit the amount of clients you take on.

Your profile

You must be based in the USA or Canada. As we will be working with survivors around the world, global indemnity insurance is required for this role. Successful candidates who do not have global indemnity insurance will be required to secure it before their contract begins.

You will be required to provide evidence of your professional licensure or accreditation and the name and contact details of your clinical supervisor.


  • Native-level fluency speaking, writing and delivering therapy in English
  • Experience delivering therapy services remotely
  • Professional accreditation in counseling or therapy
  • Expertise in understanding of the needs of survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault and harassment
  • Experience providing trauma-informed therapeutic and somatic healing practices to support survivors of gender-based violence across different cultures
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Uses Google Calendar or a similar, highly-integrated platform for scheduling


  • Experience working as an advocate or mental health professional in a domestic violence shelter or rape crisis center
  • Experience of working for diverse cultural and geographical audiences
  • Familiarity with Google Drive and Google documents
  • Passion for technology

It’s important that all team members have an understanding of intersectionality and systems of oppression and an affinity with Chayn’s aims and organisational values which can be found here.

The position


At Chayn, inclusion and accessibility are at the core of our work. We welcome applicants from all walks of life. Given the nature of our courses and our audience, we encourage applications from mental health professionals who grew up in the Global South (or Majority World).

We also encourage applications from people of colour, LGBTQ+ people (we are a trans-inclusive organisation), people with disabilities, and people who have experienced other exclusion or marginalisation. Up to 70% of our team members are survivors of abuse so if you are one too and are thinking to apply, know that you will be in a safe and affirming space.

We have tried to make this recruitment process as accessible as possible, but know that there might be more that we can do, particularly if you have experienced exclusion, disadvantage or discrimination, or if you have particular accessibility needs. We would be happy to provide any further support that you may require - please get in touch with us at, and we can think together about how to make this process easier for you.


The contract will be for 6 or 12 months with a strong possibility for extension. It may be terminated by either party by providing two weeks’ notice.

A budget of £60-£120/hour (inclusive of VAT) is available for therapy sessions.

Payments will be made in monthly installments. In the event of a late cancellation or missed appointment (i.e. less than 48-hours notice), Bloom therapists will still be compensated at £60-£120/hour. If this happens, therapists will use the time to review and advise on Bloom course content.

Chayn is a fully remote organisation.


To apply, please send the following to with “Bloom Therapist” in the subject line. We welcome applicants from all walks of life. We encourage applications from women of colour and non-binary people.

  • CV
  • Cover letter outlining why you are interested in this work, your relevant experience, your approach to the work

Interviews will be held on a rolling basis, with applications assessed continuously.