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Female Entrepreneur Fellow

The Break is an entrepreneurship Fellowship Programme in Spain for EU resident women

The Fellowship is worth 7,000€ funded by the European Union and will count on 280 participants, who will experience a two month entrepreneurship programme, including a 28 day retreat in Spain to boost their business, learn through training and create a strong community of women.

Programme Structure

The Break is a hybrid programme that mixes online training with a 28 day retreat in Spain to boost your business and make connections. 

The programme includes

  • 12 online training sessions with experts oriented to topics such as business model, design methodologies, impact, finances, funding and much more.
  • 1-1 Mentoring: 10 sessions
  • Team Mentoring sessions: 4 hours split in 2 sessions
  • Plenty of time to work on your project while in Spain
  • Co-creation and design of solutions for a local challenge linked to the community that will host each group of women
  • Field visits and activities in the area

Programme cohorts

  • The 280 entrepreneurs will be part of 2 cohorts (140+140) and will travel to spain on October (cohort A) and November (cohort B)

Programme Location

  • REMOTE: Starting remote from home, the first month, they will have 5 training sessions and 3 mentorship sessions 1-1.
  • SPAIN - MADRID/ Opening event: Trip to Madrid for a 2 day welcome event where they will meet the other fellows, the organizing team and their facilitators for the rest of the experience. 
  • SPAIN - LOCAL COMMUNITIES: From Madrid, entrepreneurs will be organized in smaller clusters and will travel to different locations in Spain for a 24 day retreat where they will keep learning with mentorship, groupal training and they will have plenty of time to work on their own projects too. Besides this, during this experience they will work together to solve a local challenge linked to their destination.
  • SPAIN - MADRID/ Closing event: after those 24 days in local communities, the whole cohort of 140 women will come back to Madrid for a closing event with networking, presentation of their projects and resolution of the local challenges.
  • REMOTE /Back home: They will count on a final 1-1 mentorship session as well as with the last webinars. After a couple of months, when everyone has finished their programme, there will be an online event to keep their connections alive and start new ones. 


  • EU resident outside of Spain (regardless of her nationality)
  • Has a project from early stage to less than 5 years of constitution. Freelancers are welcome!
  • Speaks English fluently
  • Is passionate, curious and wants to build a better world 🌍
  • +18 years old
  • The current due date for applications is Sunday 26th June 2022
  • There will be two cohorts for this fellowship. Both of them will start the hybrid month in September. 
  • Cohort A will come to Spain during the month of October (28 days, so almost the whole month)
  • Cohort B will come to Spain during November (same, 28 days).

More information on the programme can be found by clicking 'Join the Break'. You will find the application form, as well as plenty of information that we are currently updating daily with more data and questions about the programme.