Experienced Barista - Flexible Hours - Anywhere in the UK

A sustainable and tasty plant-based milk brand is looking for professional baristas to help spread the word amongst their barista network

We are looking for baristas around the country to help us spread the word about Sproud to other baristas/cafes in your area through a paid project during June with a free stock offer to the cafe's you refer. It is totally flexible work and can be arranged around any other commitments you have.

Sproud is the most sustainable plant based milk on the market. It is made from the yellow split pea which is a crop used in regenerative farming so it uses less land and water than other protein sources to produce and therefore has the lowest emissions. It is also naturally lower in carbs and sugar than oat milk and has a very neutral taste making it perfect in tea as well as coffee. Most important from a Barista perspective, it makes incredible micro foam, perfect for latte art and it does not split when heated. If you haven't tried Sproud yourself yet, get in touch for some free samples and discover for yourself how well it performs and how tasty Sproud is. You don't have to take our word for it.

If you are interested to hear more and anticipate having some free hours in June to do some work for us, please get in touch. Just think, this could be the extra cash you need to fund a summer holiday or help you make that special purchase you have been saving for!