Climate Dividends


Climate Dividends are a new kind of financial product, dedicated to actively decarbonising our economy.

Starting date

As soon as possible, Septembre 2022 at the latest.

Your mission

The Climate Dividend is a piece of extra-financial information, certified each year by labelled independent organizations, according to a protocol regularly updated by more than 50 experts worldwide. Time for the Planet structured 3 boards and is currently working with the UNFCCC, the European Investment Bank, Gold Standard and more. For every eq. ton of CO2 reduced or captured by a company developing a disruptive and low-carbon innovation, 1 Climate Dividend can be issued. On this basis, each Climate Dividend issued is certified and then distributed to the company's shareholders in proportion to their investment. The subtraction or addition of Climate Dividends to carbon credits is impossible, as Climate Dividends are part of another category of the carbon footprint. By 2023, we wish the Climate Dividend to become a completely autonomous non-profit organization.

If banks, fortune 500+, and corporations invest in companies because they can provide them with Climate Dividends, it will accelerate drastically investments towards game-changing innovations.

Now that we have launched the project, we need someone who can open a new chapter of this fantastic adventure. Climate Dividends have to become a global standard used by all the major investment funds and companies, representing trillions of investments. Your mission is to make it happen. If you succeed : your impact will be massive - for the planet and for the epic stories you’ll tell around the (low-carbon) fireplace when you’ll grow old ;)

What we need

Must have

- You have a business launcher mindset: you think big and out of the box

- You can work from anywhere and be responsible for a fully remote team;

- You like to convince clients, raise money and build strong partnerships.

- You have superb English language skills (oral+writing)

Nice to have

- You have a good understanding of sustainable finance, carbon markets and/or climate change

- You are an experienced entrepreneur;

- You already have a network in the carbon reduction field

- You have an international experience and speak one or two languages in addition to English

What you'll do

What you will do exactly

Find sponsors to finance the development of Climate Dividends

Manage the operations of the Climate Dividend project

  • Coordinate the work of the boards
  • Ensure the delivery of the successive protocols and appendixes
  • Mobilize complementary experts

Create and nurture an influence strategy towards international organizations to drive the recognition and promotion of Climate Dividends :

  • Establish good working relationships with a relevant network in major organizations (UN, World Economic Forum, etc.), corporates and NGOs.
  • Handle policy research and benchmarks to deploy an appropriate advocacy strategy for the adoption of Climate Dividends.
  • Represent Climate Dividends in outside meetings and public events (World Economic Forum, ChangeNow, Finance for Tomorrow etc).
  • Make formal presentations to boards, committees, legislators, or other bodies, on governmental or public affairs.

Hire and manage a multidisciplinary team enabling us to generate the first Climate Dividends

  • Depending on the funding, 1 full-time employee within a year

Additional information

Full-time, permanent contract

Language required




Competitive, contingent on skills and experience.