Staff Software Engineer - Platform

Join ZOE as they are looking for a Staff Software Engineer - Platform

We are redefining how people approach their healthWe combine scientific research and cutting-edge AI to unlock the power of science for every body. Our vision is a world where everyone can take control over their health by understanding their unique biology. ZOE engineering teams are working on unique product challenges: building delightful user experiences, analysing data for millions of users, predicting food responses, integrating with labs, automating our logistics, or acquiring customers at scale.The role…You’ll report directly to our VP of Engineering to provide inspirational technical and architectural leadership across the company. You will build a platform that makes the whole engineering organisation faster and own some of the most strategic and challenging efforts from concept through implementation and evolution. You will be successful if you can improve our DORA metrics or decrease the time to onboard new engineers in the codebase. This is a very hands-on role. You are a natural team player who knows how to get the best out of those around you. Whether you’ve built APIs; or systems that scale to billions of requests daily; or worked with terabytes of incoming data; or integrated with complex partner ecosystems; we have a lot of different problem spaces that you will enjoy.Your day will include✔️ Building our platform and improving the developer experience, primarily in python. From templates to create microservices to libraries for cross-cutting concerns (authz, observability, event-driven architecture, …) or deployment pipelines✔️ Mentoring and supporting engineers in other teams✔️ Pushing for the adoption of new practices across the engineering organization✔️ Shipping in production. Preferably daily or more!✔️ Providing support and expertise on system designOur stack may evolve under your leadership. It is currently:- Backend: Python, FastApi, Django, PubSub, K8S/GKE, GCP, PostgreSQL BigQuery, DBT, Github actions, Terraform, ….- Frontend: Typescript, React, ReactNative We are looking for✔️ A polyglot engineer who is intellectually curious and who has built high scale/complexity distributed systems, in the cloud✔️ Experience with microservices, containers, kubernetes and devops. You have worked in an environment that practices continuous delivery at scale✔️ Someone that has led or mentored teams, such as in the use of design and integration patterns, domain modelling or engineering excellence.✔️ A great communicator that can inspire others to follow their technical leadership✔️ Experience working in a high pace environment. You lead by example, gets your hands dirty and get things done  We will also appreciate✔️ An incredible growth mindset. You read books, watch talks, listen to podcasts and are never afraid to try new things.✔️ Experience with event-driven architecture and domain-driven design✔️ Experience with the Python ecosystem  (FastApi, Django, Poetry, type hinting, …) The interview process✔️ Phone call with our VP of Engineering (30mins)✔️ We will ask you to teach us something technical asynchronously (text or video) to assess your ability to go in-depth and communicate✔️ Tech (code review, system design) and behavioural interviews (3h)✔️ Founder interview (30mins)Why you’ll love it hereDiscover our values and our career page to find out more⭐ You'll be energised by testimonials of members who had life-changing experiences⭐ You’ll be surrounded by the most friendly, supportive colleagues you can imagine. We have assembled the sharpest minds from diverse backgrounds⭐ As we grow, so will you! ZOE’s fast-paced, challenging environment offers you great opportunities for professional development, supported by a yearly growth budget ($200 no question asked budget and up to $1000 with your manager's approval). We have helped mobile engineers turn into full-stack engineers and more!⭐ We embraced flexible and distributed working and keep everyone informed through our transparent culture. You will be in complete control of your work environment. We have an office open to you, but you are never required to use it. You can choose whether to come in and meet colleagues face to face, or be fully remote⭐ Switching off is important! At ZOE, we understand that to do your best work, you also need to be able to relax and connect with your colleagues. Enjoy our fun virtual and face to face social events, supported by a $70/month social budget!Why you might not love it here...💔 Our mission doesn't particularly resonate with you💔 We are an early-stage startup and move fast. Projects and priorities will shift💔 You thrive on stable structure and clear processes. We are evolving ours fast and are constantly challenging the status quo!💔 You are a lot more interested in the HOW than the WHY. You prefer working with very clear specifications over co-building the solution as a teamDid we spark your interest?