Freelance Translator / Localisation Specialist (Arabic)

Join what3words as they are looking for a Freelance Translator / Localisation Specialist (Arabic)

Who we are:

Our mission is to become the global standard for addressing. Street addresses weren’t designed for 2022. They aren’t accurate enough to specify building entrances, and they don’t exist for parks, rural areas and many parts of the world. This makes it hard to find places and causes problems and inefficiencies on a global scale.

That’s why we created what3words.

We divided the world into 3m squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words. It’s the easiest way to find and share precise locations.

Over the last year, what3words has been used in 193 countries, and our monthly active users continue to grow at an impressive pace. Our tech is used by emergency services, delivery companies, eCommerce businesses, ride-hailing apps and NGOs, and is integrated into the navigation systems of millions of cars around the world.

Who we are looking for:

We manage almost all our localisation needs with a large and growing team of freelance translators - no need for an agency! The Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, is a key market for us and we’re looking to expand our current team in order to cover an increasing localisation volume.


Translation and localisation of a wide range of Arabic marketing content - on an ad hoc basis


  • 3+ years as a freelance Arabic translator, ideally with extensive experience in marketing content
  • Flexible working arrangement - some weeks will be busier than others
  • Excellent communicator - responsive over email, happy to flag and discuss potential improvements / cultural insights
  • Reliable timekeeper - always aiming to complete a project before the deadline, and/or communicate any issues in advance
  • Exceptional attention to detail - very clear and organised
  • Particular understanding of Saudi Arabia or the Gulf as a market - from a linguistic and cultural perspective