Careers at Ctrl-Shift

Ctrl-Shift are a specialist business consultancy helping organisations to grow and innovate in the digital economy by developing and future-proofing digital products and services which empower customers through greater control of their data.

The Personal Information Economy (PIE) describes the new services and commercial relationships that are generated by empowering consumers and building trusted data relationships to generate value for businesses open up new revenue streams and position them strategically for the next phase of the digital age.


About us

Ctrl-Shift is powered by an extensive network of expert strategy consultants, business analysts, consultants and researchers and is headed up by our highly experienced management team.

Our network boasts unrivalled experience and skills in key areas including: digital; technology; innovation; change and transformation management, multi-channel service design; project leadership – all underpinned by an in-depth understanding of The Personal Information Economy.

Behind the scenes