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HURU is a fast growing fintech startup that is reinventing the world of utilities. Customers can use Huru to sign up to the services they want and manage all of their bills with their housemates from one simple account. We focus on delivering great prices and outstanding service for our customers. We also recognize that people no longer want to get tied up in lengthy contracts no one can understand. We are bringing to market utility services that are uniquely designed for young people generation renters and everyone who's had enough of getting ripped off.


About us

Huru is a fast growing funded startup that is reinventing the way customers set up and manage their utility services. From water, gas, and electricity, to internet services and more, everyone has had enough of getting caught up in lengthy contracts that no one can understand and are always ripping people off. Huru works hard to bring great prices and service to our customers. By having their bills managed by Huru, our customers never get deals negotiated for them every year, so they never have to pay any standard expensive tariffs.

With more people choosing to rent and live in house shares, Huru is bringing utility services into the 21st Century by allowing multiple people to sign up to the same account. This means everyone can share their bills and everyone can stay on top of what their services are costing.

Why are we exciting?

The utility industries are slow moving and providing customers with terrible experiences through high prices and poor services. We are revolutionizing traditional services with technology that empowers customers and advocating on behalf of consumers to get the best prices, best service, and best experience possible.

Behind the scenes