Careers at EZTABLE

EZTABLE provides customers with a prompt convenient 24 hour online restaurant reservation platform that spares you from waiting in queues and calling in for reservations. The platform also allows restaurant managers to have analytical data on customer behaviours and adjust accordingly to improve the restaurant's service. Lastly EZTABLE is also an e-commerce platform which offers limited and discounted deals. Simply put it's the best communication platform between customers and restaurants.


Our values

We are a leading technology O2O start-up.

EZTABLE is aimed to improve on restaurants' reservation and eCommerce model. This is driven by our top developers and product managers with a thorough understanding of the industry.

Our value is "Hack everything," this defines our eagerness to learn, take on challenges and bend the rules. We look at problems from different perspectives and always strive to achieve the best. 

As a young start-up, we're growing fast and have up to 100 super passionate, smart people who pride themselves on exceptional work. Our environment is creative, exciting, collaborative and lots of fun, so if you have passion for delivering elegant solutions on interesting problems, join us! Contribute and make a difference at EZTABLE.

Behind the scenes