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Lead is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building leadership capacity for sustainable development. Over the past 25 years, LEAD and its Member Programs have trained more than 2,500 leaders across 90 countries. An international network of leaders united by a common purpose to make change happen for a sustainable world.

As we look towards the future, Lead believes in a world of new possibilities with extraordinary opportunities for innovation and reinvention. Individuals and organisations can play a critical role in building a sustainable future by changing the way we work, solve problems and create value.

For over 25 years, Lead has pioneered the development of leadership capacity across sectors, on a global scale, to address the world’s most pressing problems. Today, Lead enables aspiring and established leaders to explore, with fresh eyes, the implications of sustainability for their organisations and their leadership capacity for the future. We support individuals and organisations to realise their potential to be catalysts for change and to thrive in a future that may seem impossible by today’s rules.


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