Careers at Metail

About us

We know how frustrating and off-putting it can be to buy the wrong size

or receive your order and realise it looks completely different on you than

on the model in the website.

That's where Metail comes in!

No more guessing games. No more returns.

No more disappointment. Simple.


Our Values

Image Empowering

We believe every body is unique and should be celebrated

The Customer is Queen

Listen, understand and help her – gain her trust and give her products which are engaging, valuable and entertaining

Validated Learning

Data informs us and measures results but gut instinct can provide inspiration

Be Brave

Try stuff out, break new ground. If you stand still you’re going backwards

Be Resourceful

Discover things, keep learning and improving in the quest for success, and, when something is promised, make sure it’s delivered

Behind the scenes