Careers at myAgro

myAgro is an award-winning social enterprise/non profit in West Africa that uses a mobile technology platform to provide a comprehensive set of services: (1) Access to fertilizer and seed packages on layaway (2) Technical Training (3) Market Access to premium buyers (4)Access to asset loans for appropriate small-scale farm equipment. Our model doubles farm income and helps farmers move out of poverty. We've grown from 1500 farmers to 3500 in the last year and will continue to scale to 75000 in the next five years. Small-scale farmers across the globe make up 70% of the world's poor. We want to build a model for savings layaway in Mali and Senegal that can be adopted by other organizations to serve farmers throughout the world.

We've received early recognition for our work by One Acre Fund and Mulago Foundation and received prestigious awards from: Echoing Green Fellowship Rainer Arnhold Fellows Draper Richards Kaplan Social Entrepreneurship. Learn more:


About us

Our vision is to create a scalable, self-sustaining savings layaway model that can be replicated throughout the world. We believe that savings-led finance is key to helping farmers increase and protect their wealth and we envision working with hundreds of millions of farmers in the next 25 years. 

We believe that ending poverty is possible and the best way to do so is to focus on small-scale farmers. They make the biggest proportion of poor people in world and they deserve the largest proportion of our time and energy.  

Small-scale farmers across the world work incredibly hard and get meager returns for their efforts. myAgro enables farmers to use their own income, more effectively by providing easy ways to purchase fertilizer and certified seed. We provide the training they need to use their inputs correctly and on average, we increase yields by over 80% and double farm income.

Where do you fit in? By joining our tight-knit team, you will be helping us to make everything we do better, elegant and efficient. There are 700 million small-scale farmers in Africa and they need financial solutions, access to agricultural inputs and technical training. If our program is cumbersome and clunky we’ll never be able to reach the masses. We need a Fisher-Price solution to the complicated problem of rural poverty and we believe we’re building the team that can make it happen.

How do we get there? By thinking through a set of questions and working closely with our staff and farmers to design solutions that work in any village at any time: 

  • How do we make it easy for farmers to enroll with myAgro?
  • How do we make it easy for farmers to save for their packages before our deadline?
  • How do we make it easy for farmers to follow our planting techniques?
  • How do we make it easy for farmers to harvest and sell quality goods on the market?
  • How do we make it easy for farmers to increase the land size they cultivate with myAgro?
  • How do we do all of the above for 6000 farmers, 100000 farmers and soon, 100000 farmers?

Join us to help solve these big issues!

Our values

Our values make us unique, keep us focused and are the “special sauce” in our fieldwork:

  • Implement market-based solutions: we build and develop markets for our products and services to increase farmer revenue.

  • Listen: We listen to our customers and team members and make extra efforts to include and listen to women.

  • Promote fair and transparent partnerships: we partner with vendors and farmers transparently and fairly. We do what we say we’ll do, always.

  • We’re dedicated to having a professional, curious and collaborative culture.

  • Innovation: We think of easy to implement solutions to complex problems. We use innovation to bring focused and sustainable financial opportunities to our customers and partners.

Behind the scenes