Careers at SpeakSet

SpeakSet is revolutionising healthcare. By connecting isolated older people to their carers doctors friends and family the business improves older people's lives. SpeakSet provides a service that simplifies video calling for everyone. Older people access the service through their TV and care providers use a web platform. The business excels at user led design and absolute simplicity. Video consultations are the future of sustainably delivering healthcare and 70% of care budgets are spent on older people. SpeakSet is leading the charge in changing care delivery forever.


About us

We want to solve the biggest problems out there!

SpeakSet believes in understanding peoples problems and building the most appropriate solutions to those problems. This drive led us to speak to hundreds of older people before setting out to build a product. This focus on people has brought us to create super simple video calling on an older persons TV - an interface they are familiar with. 

We use this system to connect older people to their carers and doctors as well as their friends and family. This dramatically changes the delivery of healthcare so consultations can happen in the living room rather than the surgery.

We want to change the way healthcare works but believe this will not happen through data or faceless technology. 90% of healthcare interactions are face to face and this needs to be made a better experience for both patient and doctor.


Even the Queen has used SpeakSet!


What is our culture like?

We are a young team who believe in a no-bullshit approach to user centered design. We learn from our users and design the best possible solutions to their problems. We use technology to improve people's lives. If you want to change the world and think you can learn the skills to do it then please do get in touch.

What we value;

  • Diversity of thinking
  • Extreme pragmatism
  • Relentless ambition

Why are we exciting?

  • Changing healthcare forever
  • Helping older people live more independently
  • Connecting a disconnected generation

Behind the scenes