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Acacia Avenue International Ltd

Acacia Avenue International Ltd

Acacia Avenue International Ltd

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Acacia Avenue International Ltd


London, United Kingdom

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Acacia Avenue is a leading qualitative research company. We have been going for eleven years, there are ten of us, and we have a number of major consumer blue chip companies in our client portfolio. We are completely independent and are based in a stylish Georgian building in Islington

About us

We are a qualitative research company. There's no mystery about what we do.

Firstly, we listen to what people say and we watch what they get up to.

Then, we thin hard about what we've seen and heard and work out what it all means.

Finally, we make recommendations to our clients about decisions we think they should take. We only make those recommendations if we believe they are in the commercial interests of our clients and the human interests of the people we've heard from.
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