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Issue 748, Sun 23 June, 2024

Happy Monday Escapees!

Thursday just gone was the Summer Solstice. The day of the year when the sun rises and takes its widest and highest path through the northern hemisphere sky, welcoming the longest day and shortest night.

And significantly so, it marks a time of renewal and growth, the middle of summer, a time to reflect on where you’re currently at and what or where you’re moving towards.

You may have set goals or milestones at the start of the year - why not take this time to think about where you are, vs where you thought you’d be. Think about what you want to let go of, what you’re cultivating for the rest of the year, and how your values are guiding your job search.

Values-guided action, whether that be in life or in your career can bring great happiness. Some of the most meaningful things we can do with our lives aren’t always the most direct sources of happiness… building a business, bringing up a child, undertaking a challenging job… these things aren’t always easy rides. However, they are often extremely fulfilling activities… and it is fulfilment that is the key to happiness, not pleasure.

Aligning your personal values with your job search will likely mean the organisations you are drawn to are more aligned with what’s right for you, and therefore bring you great happiness and satisfaction. Whether that be due to the way the company works, its mission and vision, the culture instilled in the business, or something else, your values are a critical part of your job search puzzle.

So, we wish you a (belated) happy Summer Solstice, and hope that one of the top 10 roles below is the missing puzzle piece to your career happiness.

Happy Escaping,

Charlotte, Elena, Aman, Dom & Hilary

  • Job Title: Wombat Walker

    Organisation: Odd Jobs - Tasmania Tourism

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Commercial Director

    Organisation: Energise Africa

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Data and Insight Analyst

    Organisation: B Lab UK

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Head of Communications

    Organisation: The Foyer Federation

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: D*MN GOOD INTERN: Sales & Marketing focus. Let's GO.

    Organisation: DAMN GOOD

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Fundraising Manager (Community and Individual Giving)

    Organisation: Share Community

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Volunteer Project Manager for first-of-kind Seed Bank Construction in Peruvian Amazon!

    Organisation: Plant Your Future

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Trustees

    Organisation: Friends Provident Foundation

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Content & Community Executive

    Organisation: Flo health

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: UK Managing Director / General Manager

    Organisation: Active Reality

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