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Issue 742, Sun 12 May, 2024

Happy Monday Escapees,

What do you do for a living?” 

This is a familiar question, one that we ask and are asked all the time. It sounds innocent, innocuous - it’s just ‘small talk’. But if we consider the meaning it is laden with, it suddenly becomes pretty ‘big talk’. What we’re really asking when we ask “what do you do?” (at least, what I have found that I am really asking) is for you to tell me -- What are you like? What are you good at? What defines your daily life and what are your values? What have you chosen to dedicate yourself to?

Perhaps it shouldn’t be so laden with meaning and expectation. We are more than what we do, surely? Then again, maybe it should. If we are the sum of all our parts, and we’re at work 10 hours a day - it makes for a pretty big part. These were the questions you may be asking myself as you progress through the jobs, phases, years of your career.

And for some leaving it at ‘small talk’ will be enough.

But for others, (and this may be you), getting to the bottom of these questions and in turn building a career that has true meaning to it, will be what you need to do.

If you’re driven to do something that will move you forward and change your career journey, there's no doubt it can be hard. But we're here to remind you that you don’t have to do it alone. Our Career Change Accelerator Programme is designed to give you the community, peer support, framework and practices to help you overcome your doubts and fears, find direction, take action and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself.

And PSA: Early Bird spots are closing at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. That’s 20% off standard prices, for a virtual 8 week course that is truly specially and more than likely to transform your life. Find out more and apply here.

Happy Escaping!

Aman, Hilary, Elena, Charlotte and Dom

  • Job Title: Sales & Business Development Co-ordinator

    Organisation: All Out Africa

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Head of Commercial Finance

    Organisation: Self Space

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Business Development Manager

    Organisation: JUST ONE Tree

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Web 3 Business Delivery Director

    Organisation: Virtua

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Collective Action Officer

    Organisation: Ethical Trading Initiative

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Head of Operations

    Organisation: Bukit Lawang Trust

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Volunteer Fundraiser - THE NIZZ

    Organisation: N17 Films Ltd

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Chef Instructor & Culinary Assistant

    Organisation: Okay, Perfect

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Social Media & Content Creation Executive (Part-Time)

    Organisation: Only A Pavement Away

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  • Job Title: Research and Evaluations Officer

    Organisation: The Charity Spark

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