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Issue 747, Sun 16 June, 2024

Dear Escapees,

What is self growth?

A quick search for this question brings up over 6 million results in under 3 seconds, making it clear that there’s no universal answer. Self-growth can mean something completely different to each individual.

For some, it may involve owning and reading a broad range of self-help books (whether these are collecting dust on a shelf somewhere is another matter), religiously listening to your favourite self-development podcast episodes on your dog walk, or more broadly, working to shape yourself for a particular role or position within society.

For others, however, self-growth is about striving to actively choose the path that’s right for them, planning for the future, and building careers that truly align with their values. It’s about taking deliberate steps towards personal fulfilment, whether that means learning new skills, seeking out new experiences, or setting and achieving meaningful goals.

Ultimately, self-growth is a deeply personal journey, unique to each of us, driven by our individual aspirations, challenges, and dreams. As we explore what self-growth means to us, we open the door to endless possibilities and the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves.

Remember that self-growth is not a destination but a continuous process. It requires patience, perseverance, and a willingness to step out of our comfort zones. By committing to our personal development, we not only enhance our own lives but also positively impact those around us.

So along with perusing this week's top 10 opportunities, why don't you take a moment to think about your own personal growth and have look at our career development resources here!

Happy Escaping,

Dom, Hilary, Charlotte, Elena & Aman

  • Job Title: Head of Marketing and Communications

    Organisation: Reach Volunteering

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Managing Director - Thailand

    Organisation: Synergia Animal

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Graduate & Intern Talent Pool

    Organisation: Puraffinity

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Event Coordinator

    Organisation: Karma Cans

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Patch Places - Community & Events Executive

    Organisation: Patch places ltd

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Marketing Manager

    Organisation: Reframing Pain

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  • Job Title: Founders Associate (Operations) at Stealth Portfolio Company

    Organisation: CREANDUM

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  • Job Title: Chief Operations Officer (COO)

    Organisation: Bridges to Prosperity

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  • Job Title: Education Coordinator

    Organisation: Targeted Provision

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  • Job Title: Customer Service Team Lead

    Organisation: Holly & Co

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