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Escape the City joins over 1,000 businesses around the world, redefining success in business. In 2015 we became B Corp Certified, redefining our success above and beyond just profit.

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What is The 21st Century Career?

A quarter of a million corporate professionals are escaping their jobs. With job dissatisfaction so high, they’re looking to us for help. Through our work we’re exploring what the new world of work looks like, what is driving this change, and who are the pioneers in this space.

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“Escape fundamentally changed the way I view and approach my working life.”


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“I am so relieved to see such an amazing caliber of job opportunities, with the variation that lacks on other job sites.”


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“Congratulations on what is simply the best candidate site I have ever encountered and believe me I have encountered lots.”


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Life is short. Do work that matters to you.

Unfulfilled and ambitious, we wanted to escape our corporate jobs. We looked for a service to help us find genuinely exciting new opportunities. There wasn’t one… So we built our own. We have built Escape as the bridge between the old world of work and the new. We’d love you to join our community of +250,000 talented professionals building careers on their own terms.

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Join +200,000 members around the world building careers on their own terms.
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