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Issue 743, Sun 19 May, 2024

Happy Monday Escapees,

You may have seen that last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. It’s a crucial moment in the calendar to mark the importance of improving one’s personal mental health and acknowledging the ways in which it can affect individuals. Furthermore, here at Escape the City, we’re especially conscious of the toll that a job search can have on your mental health, and the need to do the things that take care of your mind, year round.

The process of applying for jobs is brutal and it is hard to not take the rejection personally when it’s your name at the top of the application form.

Hearing yourself be described euphemistically as being ‘in between jobs’ can feel like being ‘unemployed’ is shameful. Confidence drops and shame moves in. Instinctively people might want to stop talking about their job search through fear of judgement or not having anything positive to say.

It is too easy to put your mental health to one side while you’re searching for a job, saying that you’ll restart your healthy habits again once you’re happily employed. This is dangerous, if anything you need to put a much greater emphasis on healthy habits that help your mental wellbeing when going through something difficult and stressful.

Not only will protecting your mental health put you in a healthier place, it will help your applications. Selling yourself and your personality when you are feeling low on confidence is a difficult challenge. You have to see and believe in yourself to be able to convince anyone else.

So we stress again, your mental health is more important than you job search. How can we look after it?

Move more - Step away from your desk, take a short walk a gentle jog, or join a class where you can connect with others.

Talk to people you trust - Seek support from friends and family, those who you know will understand. You may want to explore working with a coach or mentor.

Take breaks from your job search - We cannot stress this enough. Don’t drain the well to empty, it takes much longer to recover from.

Only apply for jobs you actually want - Job applications can be arduous, only do it for those roles that are worth it.

Make time for your multipliers - Focus on the things that you can do that multiply your energy and give you the boost you need to keep up momentum.

Stay healthy and happy Escaping!

Hilary, Elena, Charlotte, Dom & Aman

  • Job Title: Hospitality Manager/Host- Seasonal Contract June- October

    Organisation: Feather Down Farms

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Teaching and Community Support Coordinator

    Organisation: African Impact

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: The Career Change Accelerator

    Organisation: Escape the City

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Digital Engagement Officer, Welsh Labour

    Organisation: Welsh Labour

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Farm Carbon Calculator Data Assistant

    Organisation: Farm Carbon Toolkit

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Organisation: Open City

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Academic Tutor - English Literature, Maths, Science and Primary Tutors in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Organisation: ITG Vietnam

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Director of Development

    Organisation: Soil Association

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Spanish Speaking Senior Customer Success Manager

    Organisation: BlueOptima

    Apply for Job
  • Job Title: Marketing Assistant

    Organisation: Conception X

    Apply for Job


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