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The Escape 100

Our campaign to find the best companies to escape to in 2019. Over 15,000 companies were nominated, 2,000 took part, but there are only 100 winners. Check them out to find the companies who are doing things differently.

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The Startup Accelerator

A 3-month part-time course (designed to fit around a full-time job) in which you’ll combine content, action, and community to get your business off the ground.

Next intake: Jan – March 2021

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The Career Change Accelerator

A 3 month, part-time course (designed to fit around a full- time job) in which you’ll not only learn the smart way to change your career – you’ll actually do it.

Next intake: Feb – March 2021

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“The most important thing I learned with Escape The City is that nothing will change unless you make the change. It is so important to surround yourself with like-minded people for encouragement at down-times.”

Caitlin Wallis, Founding Esc Member

“Escape helped me to learn that I’m not strange or stupid for quitting my corporate job to go in search of a more meaningful career. There’s loads of amazing people out there who are doing the same thing, with ideas and passion, all who helped to inspire me.”

Andy Smith, Founding Esc Member