Turning business challenges into opportunities

Fede Trimarchi, founder of The Mood Club, discusses how to turn challenges into opportunities.


Meet Fede Trimarchi, the founder of The Mood Club. Fede started the business to inspire people to get in a positive mindset. The Mood Cards provide practical activities to help people embrace new habits and improve their wellbeing.

In 2017, Fede took part in the Escape Startup Accelerator and is readily equipped to share her positive-mindset lessons with the Escape community to help people turn business challenges into opportunities. Over to you, Fede…


First of all, it is important to say that positive thinking doesn’t mean naivety or blind optimism. We simply can’t be happy at all times.

As human beings, we are not in control of our emotions, and when life gets in the way, trying to suppress or avoiding dealing with them in name of absolute positivism, can only work for a limited time.

Ultimately, those emotions will pile up, come to the surface and burst out, hitting us with sadness, anger or frustration.


1. Consider mistakes as learning opportunities

This has been a really valuable lesson for me. To the point that I consider my start-up journey as a series of small and big mistakes. Those mistakes that I’ve experienced all come attached to a really important lesson.

I always ask myself what I can learn from the situation to avoid those mistakes in the future.


2. Try and look at things from a different perspective when a challenge occurs

This is a tricky one. One that takes some exercise to master. I once got a really negative comment on an Instagram post and it made me question what I was doing. 

So I took a step back and crafted a response to the person and in short, they actually ended up translating into a customer!


3. Always be open and honest about any struggles you’re facing

You never know what support you can get out of tough experiences.

As a small business owner, it’s really important to connect with other entrepreneurs that are going through similar journeys. In that respect, online communities are great for this.

Escape The City has a Facebook group, as an example. Being part of a wider online or offline community can be a real game-changer and you can get some really valuable insights that can make a big difference.