Learn how to reinvent your career in 3 months

A 3-month programme that will help you overcome your fears, find direction and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself alongside likeminded escapees.

Next intake: February – April 2021

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Ready to do something different?

Maybe you followed the rules: you got good grades, landed a respectable job, and started to work your way through the ranks. As far as everyone else is concerned, you’re ‘successful’. However, you may be finding yourself wondering – is this it?

But you’ll have invested time and energy into your career so far, and it’s not easy to decide to take a different direction. More to the point, what direction should you take? Some people seem to ‘just know’ – for the rest of us, it can feel like a bit of a mystery.

How do you pivot your career? And how do you create exciting opportunities for yourself? Will you have to take a massive step down? What about money? How can you move into an industry you have no experience in?

That’s where the Career Change Accelerator comes in.

Applications for February's Career Change Accelerator course ends at midnight on 3rd December. Apply now to join us in 2020.








What’s involved?

The Career Change Accelerator is a part-time programme that will help you find direction, take action and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself. It is designed to give you:

Expert-led Curriculum

To demystify the career change process Based on the very best knowledge of career change experts. Demystify the career change process, saving you time and energy in the long run.

The Escape Toolkit & Mindset

To empower you to take action
Although it takes more than 12 weeks to launch into a dream career, our course will massively accelerate this process. We’ll equip you with the tools & mindset needed to make your career change happen.

Accountability & Community

To move from thinking to doing
Making a change alone is hard. But with likeminded peers, knowledgeable leaders,  and experienced mentors you’ll have the guidance, support and accountability to make changes and maintain the momentum.
What you’ll learn
Over the course of 12 weeks, you will be guided through a learning by doing experience exploring 12 key principles. The curriculum is outcome focused, where knowledge is quickly translated into action, accelerating your career change. The programme is broken down into 3 distinct phases:
Dates & Location

Autumn Intake

26 Sept – 15 Dec

Work.Life Bermondsey

12 Week Part-time Accelerator

Every Tuesday evening from 6.30 – 9.30 pm for 12 weeks (except Tues 3rd Nov), as well as the following weekend days. 

  • Sat 26th & Sun 27th September – Kickoff weekend
  • Sat 17th Oct
  • Sat 31st Oct
  • Sat 14th Nov
  • Sat 12th December – Demo Day
£1,950 – £2,500 GBP
(payable upfront or in instalments)
Work.Life Bermondsey
Limited fast-track and super early bird discounted places available.

Spring Intake (2021)

6 Feb – 27 Apr

Work.Life Bermondsey

12 Week Part-time Accelerator

Every Tuesday evening from 6.30 – 9.30 pm for 12 weeks, as well as the following weekend days:

  • Sat 6th & Sun 7th February – Kickoff weekend
  • Sat 27th February
  • Sat 13th March
  • Sat 27th March
  • Sat 24th April – Demo Day

£1,950 – £2,500 GBP (payable upfront or in installments)

Limited fast-track and super early bird discounted places available.
Course fee
This course costs money. Why? It’s really important to us that we build a curriculum and environment that supports you in the long run. When you sign up to the programme you make an investment in yourself and your future, and in doing so ensure that we’re able to build a curriculum and community to support you whilst you’re on the programme and beyond. Here’s a rough breakdown of where your money goes:

And in exchange, your fee includes:

11 x 3-hour evening workshops: during our course sessions you’ll have face to face time with our experts as they guide you through the fundamentals of assessing your career to date, getting clarity on your options, and experimenting in new areas.
Kickoff Bootcamp: during our full weekend (Saturday & Sunday) from 10-6pm, we’ll dive straight into the course and start connecting with each other.
Online resources: the course is supported via access to our online content where all material and resources live.
4 x Saturday workshops (9:30am-5:30pm): our full day sessions allow more in-depth workshops to provide a deeper dive into teaching tools, one-to-one mentoring and time spent getting the work done and taking action to move into new areas of work.
One-on-one mentoring: you’ll have access to regular check-ins with your Course Leaders and mentors every week throughout the course.
Demo Day: a chance to share your experience to date with the group and present your plans going forwards.

Experience the Accelerator

To meet our team and get a feel for what we do, come along to one of our evening workshops.

Kickstart Your Career Change: Accelerator Taster Session

This 1.5-hour workshop will:

  • Teach you new frameworks you can use to think about your career change
  • Help you understand if our programme is the right fit for you
  • Give you a chance to chat with The Escape Team
  • Share an overview of the programme curriculum
  • Connect you with other students thinking about the course

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Our impact in numbers

people have graduated from our Career Change Programmes.

said it was a good investment.

had made a meaningful change in their career by the end of the programme.

Careers we’ve helped shift
We’ve had over 700 people complete our Career Change Programmes since we launched the Escape School in 2014. We have hundreds of alumni successfully freelancing, running their own businesses, and working in careers on their own terms. Here’s a few of our alumni stories:

Nicky escaped a career in sales to join On Purpose – a leadership programme and placement  in the social enterprise sector.

Read more about Nicky’s journey.

Matt escaped consulting to launch a career in leadership coaching – Matt was able to transform his role at work to retrain as a leadership coach and has launched his own consultancy whilst still maintaining work with his old firm.

Luzana escaped a career in Oil & Gas as a Geologist to work in communications at Entrepreneur First – a tech accelerator focused on helping people to launch new innovations on a global scale.

Paul escaped the Armed Forces and a career as a Meteorologist to launch a career in sustainability – he now runs his own consultancy helping businesses in Winchester to be more sustainable.

Read more about Paul’s journey.

Rima escaped a career in Audit at a Big 4 firm to work at Remote Year – A year-long travel and work programme for digital nomads. Rima has recently joined Year Here as a fellow.

Brian decided to keep his day job whilst he builds up his side business, the East London Hot Sauce Co – A local hot sauce company which allows him to explore his interest in business whilst he navigates a longer-term career transition.

Joe escaped a career in Law to become a “Freelance Human Being” – Joe has launched a portfolio career which better suits his young family, he’s launched 3 businesses and now picks and chooses the projects that excite him the most.

Read more about Joe’s journey.

Claudia escaped a career in investment banking to launch an idea with Sustainable Ventures – after taking a sabbatical to explore her potential paths, she is now working with Sustainable Ventures (a green Accelerator programme) to disrupt the travel industry’s relationship with plastic.

What they say…
Absolutely mind blowing! I went into the experience feeling drained and stuck, ready to quit my job and run away. I’ve left the career accelerator course feeling absolutely energized and positive about the future, ready to tackle whatever it may bring!
A fantastic and worthwhile investment The Career Accelerator is special, you really get to test out your career dreams and it has a strong bias not just for reflection but for putting curiosities into practical action. Put your heart into it – and it will stretch you – and your mindset and world view will shift, and along with it your sense of the possible.
Excellent experience I’ve just completed the CCA. All I can really say is that if, having read the course description you feel this might be exactly what you are looking for if only its as good as it sounds, then you’re in luck because it is absolutely as good as it sounds! For me personally it exceeded every possible expectation.  
The Escape Club
Your journey isn’t over after 12 weeks… After completing the course, you’ll graduate into The Escape Club, a private network for Alumni of our London and New York courses. Full of brave Escapees, ambitious career changers, and aspiring entrepreneurs, this community will support you as you continue your journey.


Structured tools for connecting with each other online and offline


Optional monthly Escape gatherings, as well as bigger retreats and festivals


Ongoing access to all Escape materials and other information


Inspiration from successful Escapees and a platform to share your progress


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  • Is this just for young people?
  • How does the application process work?
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