Reinvent your career in 10 weeks

A 10-week programme that will help you overcome your fears, find direction, and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself alongside likeminded escapees.


Feeling stuck in your career & don’t want to waste any more time?…


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What’s involved?

The Career Change Accelerator is a 10-week course that will help you find direction, take action and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself. It is designed to give you:

Expert-led Curriculum

To demystify the career change process

We’ll teach you the Escape curriculum built upon the very best knowledge of prominent career change experts. This involves ways to experiment in new areas & industries to learn about your options. Ensuring you don’t waste time and energy in the long run.

The Escape Toolkit & Mindset

To empower you to take action

Although it takes more than 10 weeks to launch into a dream career, our course will massively accelerate this process. From how to work through the fear of change, to free website platforms for alternative CVs, we’ll equip you with the tools & mindset needed to accelerate your career change.

Accountability & Community

To move from thinking to doing

Making a change alone is hard. But with likeminded peers, strong leaders, experienced mentors and enthusiastic Escapees you’ll have the guidance, support and accountability to start making real changes and maintain the momentum.

Where will you be at the end?

At the end of this experience you will feel full of possibility, you will have reconnected with what really makes you tick, you will see the world and your place in it differently. You will be engaging with ideas, opportunities and people that you can’t even see today.

You will have gained the confidence to take control of your career and change your direction.

You will have learnt new skills to equip you for navigating your way away from your current career.

You will have a new network of allies, friends and collaborators to support you on your new path.

You will have taken stock of your career history and highlighted the ingredients of fulfilling work that are missing for you.

You will have a clearer idea of your value, what you stand for, and how to market yourself in new industries.

You will have an understanding of the top 10 tech tools needed to thrive in a new world of work.

You will have delivered a range of projects that have reconnected you with how fulfilling work can be.

You will have a plan for making active, deliberate choices for yourself going forwards in your work.

You will know how to create opportunities for yourself, not just once but for the rest of your career.

You will have been introduced to a range of exciting entrepreneurial and social impact organisations.

What about specific outcomes?

Everyone’s Escape looks different, but these are the three most common paths we’ve seen from hundreds of graduates.

You may have found a new job in an organisation whose values resonate with yours.

You may be setting yourself up as a contractor, freelancer or independent consultant.

Or you may even have a plan to build your own venture and be taking your first steps.

Some of the changes our recent grads have made include:

  • Privacy & personal data protection consultant > catering & freelance consulting
  • Publishing, CTO, Compliance Online > consulting in digital marketing & project management
  • Corporate communications > new role in the sports industry
  • Management consulting > 3 days a week in a start-up & 2 days a coaching business
  • Fintech, marketing director, OFX > freelancing with little startups
  • Corporate sales, IT and business consultancy in finance > social enterprise projects
  • Banking, Associate Relationship Manager, Lloyds > COO of the media side of a small hospitality media company
  • TV Production > eco fashion consultancy
  • Civil service (ministry of defence) & geography teaching > Senior Digital Product Manager at Not On The High Street
  • Teaching > website development
  • Media > writing comics & directing theatre plays
  • Solicitor > photographer, adventurer, & motivational speaker
  • Sales & BD > university researcher
  • Sports journalist > entrepreneur
  • Construction project management > coaching, building a women’s community, & writing
  • Corporate marketing > coaching & psychology
  • Financial services > social media management & website development for small businesses
  • Finance in a global corporate > working for a startup
  • Security & Political Risk Analyst > working for a handwritten marketing startup
  • Marketing > travelling the world as a Programme Leader
  • Oil industry > horticultural therapist

Absolutely mind blowing!

I went into the experience feeling drained and stuck, ready to quit my job and run away. I’ve left the career accelerator course feeling absolutely energized and positive about the future, ready to tackle whatever it may bring!

A fantastic and worthwhile investment
The Career Accelerator is special, you really get to test out your career dreams and it has a strong bias not just for reflection but for putting curiosities into practical action. Put your heart into it – and it will stretch you – and your mindset and world view will shift, and along with it your sense of the possible.

Excellent experience

I’ve just completed the CCA. All I can really say is that if, having read the course description you feel this might be exactly what you are looking for if only its as good as it sounds, then you’re in luck because it is absolutely as good as it sounds! For me personally it exceeded every possible expectation.


Our Alumni Stories


Don previously worked as head of UK comms for a global finance firm, he’s now a freelance PR consultant, standup comedian, and writer.

“I had not expected the strong team spirit of the group, which was pretty diverse in terms of age and backgrounds… I have had better conversations during the three months of it than during the rest of the year… In both my personal and professional lives people commented that I seemed more relaxed and happy since the course began. Personally, I feel more positive generally and more confident about exploring new opportunities than I did.” Read Don’s story.


Lamia has a background in management consulting and is now illustrating a children’s book, pursuing her passions and making waves.

“The prospect of a ‘career’ felt long and dreary. I was feeling far removed from any of the passions I had when I was younger and felt too frightened to do anything differently. I also had no idea what else I could do – no idea what else was out there. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t feel excited about anything, and I really didn’t want to disappoint my family members – I had what we all deemed ‘a good job’.” Read Lamia’s story.


Adrian escaped over 4 years as a tech consultant to join a non-for-profit organisation called One Acre Fund, in Malawi.

“This evening I’ll be participating in a leadership vision and goals-setting retreat for my new organisation. I’ll be setting the targets, the broader direction for the organisation, and the metrics by which to measure our success. One of my key aims post-Escape was to work in an impactful role for an organisation I was proud to be a part of, and here I am.” Read Adrian’s Story


Julie used to work as a Social Media Manager in London until she decided to take the leap and start her own business WeSleep.

Before I escaped, I was a senior media executive navigating politics, pressures, overtime and restructures for over 12 years… I felt completely unsure of how to begin exploring alternative professions, or how to progress my career in a way that could bring more happiness to my work and life.” Read Julie’s story.


Joe was a commercial property lawyer, he felt miserable but trapped because he’d made a failed attempt to Escape before. He now works for a socially minded organisation running co-working spaces & has a number of side projects he’s experimenting with.

“I spent time speaking to people and almost reinventing myself as the person I felt I was, rather than the person I’d had to be up until that point.” Read Joe’s story.


Lily previously worked in corporate sales, she left to find somewhere where she could grow, learn, and contribute professionally. She’s now the Co-Founder of Y.O.U Underwear – ethical underwear and lifestyle brand for men and women.

“The hardest part is the not knowing and all the self-doubt that comes with it. Is the right thing? You’ll stress about the money. Why have I made life harder for myself etc.?” Read Lily’s story.

What you’ll learn

Over the course of 10 weeks, you will be guided through a learning by doing experience exploring 12 key principles. The curriculum is outcome focused, where knowledge is quickly translated into action, accelerating your career change.

Designing Your Life


Personal Audit

Assess your skills, strengths & experiences.

Mindset & Resilience

Build psychological resilience for career transition or entrepreneurship.

Values & Direction

Understand what matters to you & why.

Confidence & Creativity

Enlarge your sense of what you are capable of, become an idea machine.

Building Your Toolkit


Idea Generation

Think differently & uncover new paths for yourself.

Decision Criteria

Make choices based on your definition of success.

Experimentation & Projects

Find your new path by doing, not by thinking.

Storytelling & Bravery

Own your story and share it with the world.

Escaping The Smart Way


Reputation & Platforms

Show (don’t tell) the world what you can do.

Networks & Community

Unlock opportunities through meaningful relationships.

Opportunity Mindset

Find & create opportunities on your terms.

Intelligent Transition

Manage your way through career change logistics: finances, responsibilities, and escape the smart way.

People have graduated from our Escape School programmes.


Thought our career change programme was a good investment.


Would recommend the programme to a friend.

Dates & Location

Next intake: 29th September - 4th December

During this time you will be required every Tuesday evening for 10 weeks (6:30 – 09:30 pm), as well as the following weekend days (10am- 6pm):

  • Sat 29th & Sun 30th September – Kickoff weekend
  • Sat 20th October
  • Sat 3rd November
  • Sat 10th November
  • Sat 1st December – Demo Day

The Course is designed to fit around full-time employment.

All The Accelerator sessions will take place at:

Work.Life Bermondsey
5 Tanner St

Course Fee

Our course fee is payable upfront or in instalments spread over 4 months.

No payments will be requested until your application has been reviewed and you’ve chatted with a member of our team.

Your fee includes:

10 x 3-hour evening workshops: during our course sessions you’ll have face to face time with our experts as they guide you through the fundamentals of assessing your career to date, getting clarity on your options, and experimenting in new areas.

Kickoff Bootcamp: during our full weekend (Saturday & Sunday) from 10-6pm, we’ll dive straight into the course and start connecting with each other.

Online resources: the course is supported via access to our online content where all material and resources live.

4 x Saturday workshops (10-5pm): our full day sessions allow more in-depth workshops to provide a deeper dive into teaching tools, one-to-one mentoring and time spent getting the work done and taking action to move into new areas of work.

One-on-one mentoring: you’ll have access to regular check-ins with your Course Leaders and mentors every week throughout the course.

Demo Day: a chance to share your experience to date with the group and present your plans going forwards.

Plus free coworking…

Thanks to our friends at Work.Life!

You’ll have free access to all Work.Life locations during off-peak hours throughout the 10 weeks (After 5.30pm on weekdays, and 8.30 – 5.30pm on weekends). Value = £500 – £1000+

Work.Life has locations in:

  • Bermondsey
  • Camden
  • Clerkenwell
  • Hammersmith
  • London Fields
  • Reading
  • Fitzrovia (opening September 2018)

Taster Event

To meet our team and get a feel for what we do, come along to one of our evening workshops.

Kickstart Your Career Change: Accelerator Info Session

This free 1.5-hour workshop will:

– Help you understand if our programme is the right fit for you

– Give you a chance to chat with The Escape Team

– Share an overview of the programme curriculum

– Connect you with other students thinking about the course


Your Leadership Team

Our educational excellence is a community effort. When you learn at Escape, you can always rely on an in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

Skye Robertson

Head of the Escape School – Skye has helped hundreds of people escape their jobs and start new careers and businesses through Escape the City, Startup Britain, and Young Enterprise. Her superpowers include: helping people understand their values, skills and career options, standing out from the crowd in the job market, and hacking career projects together in a very short amount of time.

Matt Trinetti

Career Change Accelerator Co-Leader – since escaping Consultant Management for IBM, Matt has spent the last 5 years as a facilitator, writer, publisher, and speaker helping people work purposefully. Matt helped found The Escape School in 2014 and has since helped hundreds find a new career direction and move into new areas of work.

“I feel like I have a really solid framework to resurrect my Escape, which had stalled slightly over the past year due to a lack of direction and confidence. There are so many tools that I have picked up and a really diverse group that I feel I can turn to for motivation. I feel the alumni network will be invaluable over the coming months/years.”


Community. It’s beyond words- something so great you have to experience yourself and may very well be the best community you ever come across.


If you’ve ever wanted to demystify what it takes to start a business, do this. If you’ve ever worried about doing it alone, do this. If you’ve ever wanted to break your mound and meet great people who could inspire you to wake up and get shit done… do this.


The bucket list must to change the way you think about your career.


One of the best things I have done.


An amazing rollercoaster ride. I’ve been thinking about startups and ideas for years and this is exactly what I needed to kick start my journey.


12 weeks to change the course of next 4249.6 weeks of life (based on average UK life expectancy).


“It’s like THE APPRENTICE meets FUN HOUSE. No seriously, if you want to scratch your entrepreneurial itch it’s the best place to do it.”

Nov 2016

The Escape Club

Your journey isn’t over after 10 weeks…

After completing the course, you’ll graduate into The Escape Club, a private network for Alumni of our London and New York courses. Full of brave Escapees, ambitious career changers, and aspiring entrepreneurs, this community will support you as you continue your journey.


Structured tools for connecting with each other online and offline


Optional weekly Escape gatherings, as well as bigger retreats and festivals


Exclusive introductions to, and connections with, Escape employers


Ongoing access to all Escape materials and other information


Inspiration from successful Escapees and a platform to share your progress


Click below to find all our Career Change Accelerator frequently asked questions, including:

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  • What if I can’t make all the dates?
  • Is it just for corporate professionals?
  • Is this just for young people?
  • How does the application process work?
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