Presentation essentials: How to share ideas that inspire action

Make your next presentation unforgettable — and banish fears of public speaking! Learn how to deliver an effective oral presentation with this popular class from Simon Sinek, the thought leader whose TED talks have 20+ million views.

In this 30-minute class, best-selling author Sinek shares his secrets for giving a presentation that audiences love, remember, and repeat. You’ll learn how to:

  • identify your passions
  • speak with conviction and master public speaking
  • transform nerves into natural energy
  • articulate what you really want to say

From the importance of stories to nailing your onstage presence, Simon backs up every insight with examples you’ll never forget. The class is perfect for creatives, professionals, conference speakers, and everyone looking to make lasting connections with an audience. If public speaking is something you want to improve on, check this course out!

key takeaways

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Show up to give. If you arrive with the desire to give something to the audience, whether that's advice, new ideas or something else, it changes how it's received. Show up to give, not to take.

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Go quiet. When you lose your place, instead of filling the silence with excuses or explanations, let yourself go completely quiet. Don't say um, don't explain, just find your train of thought and continue.

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Talk to one person at a time. Connect with one person in the audience and deliver a whole thought or sentence whilst looking straight at them. It helps you to really connect with your audience rather than jumping around mid thought.

Why we like it

  • Gretchen lays everything out in a simple and straightforward way, helping you to get what you need from the course as you dip in and out.
  • Knowing the tendencies of the people around you means better relationships with those people are possible, you can get them to take the free quiz and then use the course resources to build a better understanding of those around you.
  • It's handy to have access to this so you can revisit whenever works best for you. We've come back to this years later and found new and interesting aspects added.