Community Marketing Manager

Containerville seeks dynamo to power our mission to support 100's of small businesses


Containerville is the rapidly growing provider of inspiring workspaces, with a twist. We are a dynamic village of close to 200 offices made from

upcycled shipping containers, and we’re looking for an exceptional individual who can help us grow our business community.

Our community consists of a wide range of businesses including entrepreneurs, creatives, techies, music production suites and many more;

the job never gets dull!


The Max Barney Estate is a well-established family run property company, with over 50 years’ experience in Central London’s bricks and mortar.

We own a substantial portfolio of properties across London including the Oval Space and Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, as well as many other

exciting properties in East London.

Our team is based in the exciting developing area of E2 at Containerville Emma St, and we cover all the essentials between us to keep Containerville

running and thriving. We pride ourselves on being flexible, trustworthy landlords who like to know their tenants and work hard to be

responsive and super focused on great customer service.

We see ourselves as a landlord who thinks outside of the box. In Containerville’s case, quite literally.


This full-time position is based within Containerville (E2) and brings great opportunity to develop your career with a fast-growing brand at a well-established company. You will help us develop and nurture our diverse

group of tenants through marketing strategies and implementation, and be the much-needed presence to facilitate the networking of our

businesses through relevant events. With strong communication skills and a passion for professional networking, you will need to create an all-round amazing customer experience journey for our tenants, right from the start

(promotion and brand awareness) to moving our tenants in and continuous excellent customer service to ensure tenant retention.

You must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently. You will have the ability to hit the ground running and able to lead campaigns,

create content and liaise with other stakeholders such as designers and the rest of the Max Barney property team.

You will be the heart and soul of our diverse community – using your digital skills to spread the word and encourage new tenants to be part of the Containerville family and your emotional intelligence to be fully attuned to people’s needs whilst being exceedingly proactive and organised.


Your main responsibilities will (mostly) include:

  • Growing the community both online and offline, keeping it fruitful and diverse
  • Ensuring a full and constant pipeline of prospective tenants through marketing channels
  • Fielding and monitoring all incoming sales enquiries, arranging and executing viewings
  • Agreeing and negotiating lettings and managing legal works to completion
  • Creating an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and creativity
  • Email marketing: Including newsletters and campaigns and regular communications
  • Taking an active role in growing and nurturing the Containerville community,
  • Spending time getting to know our businesses in the area and therefore understanding how you can effectively facilitate marketing, collaborations and networking
  • Establishing a strong community via event planning and individual networking efforts
  • • Be the point of contact for our community members and solving all member-related issues
  • Assist with ensuring the smooth-running operations at Containerville
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with operation and maintenance teams to ensure that processes are running smoothly