Climate Bonds Initiative

Web Developer - Project Consultant

Join Climate Bonds Initiative as they are looking for a Web Developer - Project Consultant

Job title: Web Developer Contractor/s for the Climate Bonds Initiative Website Refresh Project 2023

Location: Remote, anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection and availability during UK work hours

Closing date: 04 March 2023

Starting date: Immediate

About Climate Bonds Initiative

Climate Bonds Initiative (Climate Bonds) is an international not-for-profit organisation working to mobilise global capital for climate action. Climate Bonds has played a central role in transforming the green bond market from a niche concept to a mainstream source of capital for sustainable development, driving quality of issuance through the development of science-based green definitions in line with the Paris Agreement.

About the CBI Website Refresh Project

The CBI Website Refresh Project aims to deliver enhanced user experience aligned with the internal requirements of the organisation and its external stakeholders in mobilising global capital for climate action by modernising or migrating a large Drupal 7 site (

Description of the Service

The successful contractor/s will work on the project from March to November 2023 and deliver a refreshed website with the following technical and user requirements before the end of the year:

Technical requirements of the website:

  • Granular role control for authoring
  • Timeline undo on a page-by-page level (snapshots)
  • Ideally native sync with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional/Marketing
  • Failover second site
  • Full content port of existing site
  • Recode as necessary custom visualisations and function using React and Angular
  • Possibility to integrate teams / zoom webinars behind membership / registration
  • Multiple role creation for site membership
  • Robust role creation / permissioning at the VPS level
  • Tagging system that can inform content distribution
  • Possibility of load balancing of regional servers

User requirements of the website:

  • Enhanced user experience prioritising ease of navigation and visual appeal including business analysis:
  • Requirements gathering
  • Revised data structure
  • User-friendly CMS that members of the organisation to which varying technical skills can contribute to; a comprehensive but easy to update site
  • Data visualisation drawn from user friendly data gathering, sharing and analysis
  • Create once, post everywhere (COPE) publishing workflow
  • Mobile-friendly, optimised for hand-held devices
  • Granular email control with tags


Interested parties must have:

  • Availability to take meetings at varying times from 0900-1700 GMT/BST including weekly check-ins with the CBI project team via MS Teams and project management through ClickUp
  • This requires a team with redundancy / bench strength
  • At least 5 years' experience on Drupal, Umbraco and/or WordPress web design and development is required
  • Experience with JavaScript, familiarity with React, Angular, Drupal migration
  • Those who have worked on projects with similar clients (international organisations in the finance, non-profit or climate change space) are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal (please highlight this in your application)

To demonstrate these, please include the following in your technical bid and financial proposal:

  • Application letter outlining the financial offer and term, with a description of your understanding of the needs as outlined in this Request for Proposal
  • A technical proposal with an executive summary and CV/s of the web developer/s
  • An initial plan of work outlining the activities, deliverables, milestones and target start and completion dates
  • References and/or samples for similar work done that may assist in assessing the technical bid
  • Full contact details including email, telephones, addresses, contact person/s, and website/s if any
  • A financial proposal in GBP outlining the anticipated costs, activities, milestones and deliverables, including:
  • Professional services (I.e., web design, web development, coding, UX/UI research and design, etc.)
  • Project management
  • Software and other tools required for the website itself that CBI will retain (I.e., widgets, integrations, plug-ins, migration tools, etc.)
  • Financial proposal must exclude:
  • Travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs (all work must be done remotely)
  • Software and other tools that are existing and will be used for other projects
  • Submit all documents in one (1) PDF file that is not more than 15 pages


Payment will be linked to services provided in terms with agreed deliverables