The Ubele Initiative

Programme Manager (Community Wealth Building)

Take the lead on a portfolio of projects supporting our communities and contribute to the development of Ubele's strategic vision

The Programme Manager (Community Wealth Building) sits within and works across Ubele’s Community Wealth Building hub. Community Wealth Building is one of Ubele’s four strategic hubs, with the aim of strengthening our communities through the development of assets and enterprise. The Programme Manager will work directly with the Director for Community Wealth Building and will hold responsibilities across the current and emerging community wealth programme. Responsibilities will include supporting the overall strategic development of the hub and alignment with Ubele’s strategic vision.

Some of the projects in our Community Wealth Building portfolio include:

Agbero2100 – a long-term strategic intervention, and programme of support, to increase the sustainability of Black and racially minoritised community assets nationally.

Gida Housing Cooperative – a housing initiative working towards establishing the UK’s first community led housing scheme led by, and creating housing for, people from Black and Racially minoritised communities.

Enterprise Development Programme – a national cohort-based support programme giving Black and racially minoritised led community organisations the opportunity to develop more enterprising business models.

Eat Wood Green – an ambitious new community, food growing and education space for Wood Green town centre.

Flexible Finance – a partnership between the Social Investment Business, Access – the Foundation for Social Investment and The Ubele Initiative to make social investment more accessible to Black and racially minoritised led social enterprises and charities.

The Programme Manager will support the Director of Community Wealth Building to ensure synergy across the programme; managing and supporting project leads and managers within the portfolio, working with regional and national stakeholders, and interfacing with associated funded projects elsewhere within The Ubele Initiative.

The ideal candidate will have a sharp business mind and a proven ability to strategize and implement high-level programme initiatives, with a strong talent for project management and delegation, and be motivated by the desire to nurture programme success from inception to completion.


Programme development and management

Have direct responsibility of a portfolio of projects within the Community Wealth Building hub, working with dedicated Project Managers and other project staff from project inception to close down. Maintain oversight of the entire Community Wealth Building portfolio, reporting to the Director of Community Wealth Building, Senior Leadership Team, wider Ubele team, relevant stakeholders and funders.

Relationship management and communications

Proactively engage with relevant external activities and expertise, including social investors, sector-specific bodies, grant makers, trusts and foundations, think-tanks, and research agencies. Work with other key national stakeholders in our sector, representing Ubele at committees, meetings, and events as necessary. Support all marketing and communications activity relating to the work of the portfolio.

Business development

Maintain oversight of funding and investment opportunities that will support the strategic aim of the portfolio and to work with the Director and other partners, stakeholders, and communities to develop proposals for funding and commissions.

Team and resource management

Support the Director of Community Wealth Building with overall management of employees and associates working within the hub, interfacing with other hubs and central teams as necessary. Develop and manage programme budgets in collaboration with the Director of Community Wealth Building, ensuring the resource allocation and spend enables delivery against agreed objectives.

Strategy development

Work with the Director of Community Wealth Building in the overall design and development of Ubele’s Community Wealth Building strategy to support the hub’s programme of work and financial sustainability.

Risk management

Work within the Portfolio and with the Strategic Alliance and other stakeholders to identify risks and opportunities across the Community Wealth and Assets sphere and to produce, populate and update a risk register and produce reports