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Senior Content Editor

Flo health


Posted over 30 days ago...

Join Flo as a Senior Content Editor and make a tangible difference through impactful health content


icon Salary

£64000 - £68000

icon Location

London, England, United Kingdom,

icon Nomad Friendly?

In-person- London United Kingdom

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Expires at anytime

Organisation summary

Flo is a dynamic health app focused on women's menstrual and reproductive health. It's a platform where product innovation meets user-centric design, creating an immersive experience for its users. As a collaborative and creative workspace, Flo is dedicated to delivering content that empowers and informs, driven by a team that values data insights and engaging storytelling.

Role Summary

  • Develop and edit compelling health content that resonates with users and adheres to medical accuracy.
  • Generate creative content ideas, drawing on data insights to craft stories that align with business goals.
  • Collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to bring diverse content projects from concept to fruition.
  • Manage and mentor a team in content creation, ensuring quality and consistency across all outputs.
  • Analyze content performance and lead initiatives for continuous improvement.
  • Build and maintain a network of skilled freelance content creators aligned with Flo's mission.

Role Requirements

  • Proven experience in producing viral short-form/social media content.
  • Expertise in transforming complex medical information into engaging, user-friendly content.
  • Strong foundation in content analytics and project management.
  • Ability to multitask and work flexibly on various projects.
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and a growth mindset.
  • Experience with Agile methodology and familiarity with tools like Looker, Jira, Figma, Miro, and Contentful is a plus.

The needs of the user is everything to us, and how those needs are served falls under our Product teams.

They’re fact-finders.

They’re builders.

We’re looking for a senior content editor bursting with fresh content ideas to join our User Journey team. You’ll work with a versatile group of content, product, visual, medical and analytical pros to enhance our users’ daily experience of Flo. 

What kind of person is right for this role? Well, you’ll need to be an expert at taking health information and packaging it into must-click stories. You're as good at coming up with a concept and delivering it in partnership with your visual design colleagues as you are at writing copy. Your communication and collaboration skills are top notch, too. If this is you, and you’re motivated by creating content that makes a real difference, this role could be a perfect fit.

Whether you already work in content or social media for a product-led company or app, or you’re keen to transfer your skills to something new, this role provides an exciting opportunity for a creative to shape Flo content.

Your Experience

Must have:

  • A background in producing highly engaging and scalable content, including a significant portfolio of short-form / social media content that's gone viral. You’ll need to be an active, enthusiastic contributor to ideation sessions, buzzing with fresh ideas for creative content formats and unique angles on our core topics. You’ll be as adept at delivering those ideas as you are thinking them up.

  • Writing, commissioning and editing women’s health content. You should have a knack for turning jargon-packed medical info into engaging, easy-to-understand content, and be able to spot a dud medical fact a mile off.

  • A strong foundation in content analytics. You should know how to use data insights to inform your content ideas, and should understand how to review the performance of what you create – and plan improvements.

  • Working towards business goals. You should be comfortable and competent at pitching content ideas that align with, and deliver on, the company’s objectives.

  • Project management. You should be confident in managing complex content projects end-to-end, and mentoring others to do the same. You’d be working with a variety of stakeholders to bring content to life from ideation to release in the app. You should be comfortable keeping tabs on a variety of projects at once, ensuring all reviews/sign-offs are complete before pushing content live.

  • A flexible working style. Just as happy juggling lots of diverse, smaller tasks as being dedicated to one project for a whole quarter. You’re as game to audit and improve/repackage old content, as to create new.

  • A collaborative approach. You’d be working closely with a range of different disciplines including product managers, analysts, designers, medical advisors, and UX researchers. You should be open to learning from them – as well as sharing your skills/knowledge – to create the best product together.

  • A growth mindset. Willing to give and receive constructive feedback – and act on it. You should be open to spotting gaps in your knowledge and skills and be excited to close them, with support.

  • Proactivity. You should be eager to deputize for your manager when needed in meetings, presentations, and so on. You’ll also be expected to spot opportunities for content or process improvements, pitching them with clear rationale, and helping to get them up and running.

Nice to have:

  • Having worked on content in a product company, especially an app. You have a strong understanding of the difference between app content and other mediums (e.g. websites, magazines etc). 
  • Experience working in a company that uses Agile methodology.
  • Having worked in a start-up environment. 
  • Experience using Looker, Jira, Figma, Miro, and/or Contentful.

You'll be responsible for:

  • Creating release-ready content that passes our editorial, medical, and legal checks and delivers on our users’ needs, and helping more junior editors do the same. 
  • Generating ideas for new content – including fresh angles and formats for Flo’s story feed – using data and insights to give a clear rationale for them. 
  • Checking the performance/business impact of the content you create and suggesting and planning improvements.
  • Presenting your work and learnings to the wider team/other teams. 
  • Running ideation sessions and workshops, where appropriate, to knowledge/skill share with other content creators. Plus actively participating in other team meetings. 
  • Developing a first-class roster of freelance content creators who are excellent at what they do and really ‘get’ Flo's mission.

What you wont be doing:

  • Creating content (purely) driven by the news agenda. 
  • Creating deep think pieces, investigative journalism, or trend reports – our content tends to be shorter, and have clear actionable takeaways for users.
  • Creating general health/lifestyle content – our content ties back to our users’ menstrual/reproductive health.
  • Having total autonomy to create and execute content plans in isolation. All of our work is a team effort, involving input from everyone from product managers to medical advisors.
  • Being left to fend for yourself if a deadline is going off course or we’re not set to hit a target – we win/lose as a team and we always work together to share workload and responsibility.

Your targets will be:

  • Contribute to hitting delivery goals and metrics targets with your team, for e.g. trials, content engagement, and retention.
  • Efficiently and effectively follow all content production processes and suggest improvements.
  • Foster a positive, honest, curious and collaborative environment within the team

Salary Range: 
UK - £64,000 - £68,000 gross per year.

Ranges may vary depending on your skills, competencies and experience.



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