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Volunteer Legal advice - Guardians of Hollow Meadow CiC Free Gift transfer of the Meadow, from private ownership to CiC

Hollow Meadow CiC


Posted over 30 days ago...

Guardians of Hollow Meadow CIC. Free Gift transfer of Ownership. The owner wishes to transfer ownership of the 3 acre Meadow to the CIC. She seeks a pro bono lawyer to take on this transfer.


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What will you be doing?

Guardians of Hollow Meadow CIC (limited by guarantee).   company number 15165624 Free Gift transfer of Ownership. The current owner, Margaret D Kingston, (also a director of the CIC) wishes to transfer ownership of the 3 acre Meadow to the CIC as a free gift.

The original deeds are held by her.  When purchased on 13 March 1990 for £5,000 it was pre compulsory land registration and therefore first registration of the land would be at time of transfer of ownership. The land is in a separate deed from the house which was purchased in 1984. Land Registry has been checked and copies of the adjoining land boundaries obtained. These tally with the current boundaries. The tenancy agreement has been an informal one whilst the bank account was set up which took a longer time than anticipated. Looking at the  current situation it is more sensible to transfer ownership now rather than duplicate cost and change of owner in the near future. Margaret Kingston is aware of the implication to the tax costs that fall upon her estate should she die before 7 years have elapsed.   (2024 value as agricultural land is circa £25,000  but as a wildlife site would be lower value.)  

She seeks a pro bono lawyer to take on this transfer of ownership as a Pro Bono account? There is also the potential for future CiC support - as legal adviser to the CiC - on an agreed yearly number of hours.                             Sincerely, Margaret D. Kingston, John C. Curtis, C.Andrew Yarnold (Directors of Guardians of Hollow Meadow CIC )

What are we looking for?

Legal skills, able to support the CiC directors in drafting and registering the legal transfer of ownership of the Meadow, from the current private owner, to the CiC.

What difference will you make?

Hollow Meadow CiC is a new community asset - a beautiful 3 acre meadow, now being managed by a team of volunteer guardians. This team manages the meadow and the CiC which offers access to the meadow, and a small number of art, wellness and eco-study programmes. The owner is now in her 70s, keen to see the meadow held, in perpetuity for the community. The CiC is unable to afford the full legal fees associated with the transfer - and therefore seeks a pro bono lawyer, who is willing to take this on.


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