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Urban Cure CIC


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Bid Writing Support Team: prepare our funding applications. includes gathering data, project planning, budgeting, financial data, research, composing fact-based proposals that align with the Funding applications.


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Southend-on-Sea, SS1 2UD

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

We are seeking at least 2 or more with all round skills to support this flexible short-term role. This role is integral to our mission you are a dedicated and experienced in the third sector and supporting project development and funding application, you will play a vital role in securing funding for Urban Cure CIC projects.  As a member of the Bid Writing Support team, you may possess more than one of these skills, it can offer several benefits to the application for this short-term project. Having versatile team members effectively cover multiple aspects of the project's requirements. Do you have some or all of these skills to support the directors in this process.

Estimate capital work within the project and incorporate accurate financial data into funding applications.  Bid and Grant writing experience. background in bid writing and grant applications.  Good research and fact-finding skills, writing, editing, and proofreading abilities,  Research and data gathering, stakeholder engagement.  Knowledge of regulatory and compliance standards, managing project reporting and governance.  Knowledge of regulatory and compliance of recruitment and onboarding employees

 Location: Work from Home/Zoom/Teams/Remotely from across the UK

What are we looking for?

Accountant Skills:

Incorporate accurate financial data into funding applications.


Estimate capital work costs.  Maintain oversight of financial, report, etc. Monitor cash and in-kind contributions within funding guidelines. Financial analyses to determine the full cost recovery for the project.

Bid Writing Skills:

Bid and Grant writing experience.


Grant proposals reflecting the project goals. Coordination of project aspects; timelines, budgets, and team collaboration. Gather support for the project outlining importance to the community.

Grant Administrator Skills:

Research and fact-finding skills, writing, editing, and proofreading abilities.


Develop partnerships to strengthen our funding prospects. Adherence to funding guidelines and standards  Keep records of applications, correspondence

Coordination Skills:

Research and data gathering.


Gather data ensuring accuracy and relevance. Coordination of communication, meetings, etc.

Compliance and Reporting Skills:

Knowledge of regulatory and compliance standards and governance.


Adhere to regulatory and compliance standards.  maintain reports, progress, challenges, and achievements. Implement governance measures. .

Human Resource Skills:

Knowledge of recruitment and onboarding employees.

Responsibilities: Identify job roles, apprenticeship and volunteering roles as part of the project legacy.

What difference will you make?

As Bid Writing Support Team, you will be supporting a deep appreciation for diverse cultural heritage, respect and pride among the community. Through various interventions, we aim to empower young individuals 11 to 18 in their transition to adulthood, providing them with the tools, skills, and opportunities they need to succeed. We are also dedicated to breaking down barriers that hold back equal access to opportunities. Our project will actively address inequalities and strive for a fair playing field. Beyond its social impact, you will support Urban Cure to attract a minimum of £250,000 in inward investments creating a return on social value worth at least £700,000. We have had excellent response for our projects and need your support to make it a reality. This role may open doors to new connections and relationships within the industry, potentially leading to future career opportunities.

Opportunities for skill development in areas that you may not have previously explored, enhancing your expertise, adaptability and professional development. Contributes to a meaningful difference in a project will serve as a strong motivator, driving a sense of purpose and commitment. Broaden your knowledge and capabilities, making you more versatile and resourceful in tackling different project. Add significant value to your CV and highlighting your commitment to making a positive impact. Develop and refine your skills in areas such as grant writing, project management, and financial analysis and broadens your professional expertise.


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