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Volunteer Funding & Fundraising Trustee

Endometriosis South Coast


Posted over 30 days ago...

Fundraising trustee at Endometriosis South Coast: Drive fundraising efforts, partnerships, and events to support healthcare.


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Portsmouth, PO1 1DH

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What will you be doing?

Our board is currently facing the challenge of expanding our fundraising efforts to support the growing need for endometriosis awareness and support. Our primary goals include:

Increasing fundraising revenue to expand our reach and impact. Developing strategic partnerships with individuals, businesses, and other organisations. Hosting successful awareness and fundraising events. Enhancing the sustainability of our programs.

Role of the Fundraising Trustee: As a fundraising trustee, we are seeking an individual who can play a pivotal role in addressing our challenges and achieving our goals. Your responsibilities may include:

Developing and implementing a comprehensive fundraising strategy. Identifying and cultivating potential donors and sponsors. Leading fundraising events and campaigns. Establishing and nurturing partnerships with other organizations. Collaborating with the board to align fundraising efforts with the organization's mission and values. Ensuring financial transparency and accountability.

We are looking for a candidate with the following qualities and attributes: Passion: An enthusiastic commitment to our mission and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of those with endometriosis. Fundraising Expertise: Proven experience in successful fundraising, including grant writing, donor relations, and event planning. Network: Well-connected in the community with a network of potential donors, partners, and supporters. Strategic Thinker: The ability to develop and execute strategic fundraising plans. Team Player: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to work collaboratively with the board and volunteers. Financial Acumen: Understanding of financial management and budgeting. The role of the fundraising trustee is pivotal to the success. The trustee will have a significant influence on shaping the organization's financial stability and future. The trustee will work closely with the board to set fundraising priorities and monitor progress towards our goals. We welcome individuals who are committed to our mission and enthusiastic about advancing endometriosis awareness and support. 

What are we looking for?

The ability to strategise, plan, and execute successful fundraising campaigns, including experience in donor cultivation, grant writing, and managing fundraising events. Understanding financial management, budgeting, and financial reporting to ensure the responsible use of funds and transparent financial practices. Strong connections and the ability to establish and nurture relationships with potential donors, sponsors, and partners in the community. The capacity to develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising strategy aligned with the organisation's mission and goals. Effective communication skills to convey the organization's mission and goals to potential donors and partners, as well as the ability to create compelling marketing materials. Skills in organising and executing successful fundraising events, from conceptualization to logistics and follow-up. The ability to lead and inspire volunteers, team members, and board colleagues to actively participate in fundraising efforts. Collaboration and teamwork are essential, as the trustee will work closely with other board members and volunteers. The capacity to analyse fundraising data and adjust strategies based on performance metrics. Knowledge of relevant laws and ethical considerations related to fundraising and non-profit organizations. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and evolving fundraising trends to remain effective. A strong problem-solving mindset to address challenges and find innovative solutions. A deep commitment to the organisation's mission and a strong passion for making a difference in the lives of those affected by endometriosis. Sensitivity and awareness of cultural diversity and the ability to engage with a broad range of individuals and communities. Familiarity with fundraising software and tools for managing donor databases, online campaigns, and social media outreach. The ability to negotiate and build partnerships with potential donors and organizations. The capacity to persevere in the face of challenges, setbacks, and rejection, which is often encountered in fundraising.

The combination of these skills and attributes will empower the fundraising trustee to effectively drive the organization's fundraising efforts, contribute to its mission, and make a significant impact in the realm of endometriosis awareness and support.

What difference will you make?

In summary, the fundraising trustee's impact will be felt in the organisation's financial stability, its ability to raise awareness, expand programs, support research, and develop strategic partnerships. Their efforts will ultimately result in a more significant and lasting positive impact on individuals living with endometriosis and the community at large.


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