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Volunteer Treasurer

Portsmouth & Gosport History Group


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The Treasurer for Portsmouth & Gosport History Group is responsible for managing financial transactions, maintaining accurate records, and providing financial reports to the group. 


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Gosport, PO12 4FL

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What will you be doing?

As the Treasurer for the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group, you will play a crucial role in the organisation's financial management. Your responsibilities will include overseeing financial transactions, maintaining comprehensive and accurate financial records, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. You will work closely with other team members to develop and manage budgets, track expenses, and prepare financial reports for the group. In this volunteer role, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the organisation's sustainability and growth by providing strategic financial insights. Your expertise will aid in decision-making processes, ensuring that financial resources are allocated efficiently to support the group's mission of preserving and promoting the rich history of Portsmouth and Gosport. The Treasurer will collaborate with the leadership team, participating in regular meetings and providing transparent and timely financial updates. Attention to detail, financial acumen, and a commitment to the group's objectives are key attributes for success in this role. By taking on the role of Treasurer, you will not only contribute to the success of the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group but also gain valuable experience in financial management within a community-focused organisation. Join us in our mission to celebrate and share the history of our vibrant local communities.

What are we looking for?

Skills and Qualities:

Financial Acumen: A strong understanding of financial principles, budgeting, and financial reporting is essential. Attention to Detail: Meticulousness in handling financial records, transactions, and ensuring accuracy in reporting. Organisational Skills: Ability to organise and maintain financial documents systematically for easy retrieval and auditing. Integrity and Trustworthiness: As a custodian of the organisation's finances, trust and integrity are paramount. Communication Skills: Effective communication to convey financial information clearly to both financial and non-financial stakeholders. Team Collaboration: Willingness to collaborate with other team members and contribute to decision-making processes. Time Management: Efficiently manage time to meet financial deadlines and responsibilities.


Financial Background: Ideally, experience in finance, accounting, or a related field would be beneficial. Charity Finance Knowledge: Familiarity with the financial dynamics of charity organisations, including compliance with relevant regulations. Previous Treasurer or Finance Role: Experience in a similar role, particularly as a treasurer for a nonprofit or community group, is advantageous. Software Proficiency: Familiarity with financial software and tools for record-keeping and reporting.


Passion for History: An appreciation for and interest in the local history of Portsmouth and Gosport. Commitment to the Mission: A dedication to the goals and objectives of the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group. Proactive Attitude: Willingness to take initiative and contribute beyond the defined role when needed. Adaptability: Ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of a volunteer-based community organisation. Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to identify and address financial challenges or discrepancies.

What difference will you make?

In the role of Treasurer for the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group, your impact will be significant and multifaceted. Firstly, you will play a crucial part in maintaining the financial stability of the organisation, safeguarding its ability to operate smoothly and achieve its aims. Your meticulous oversight of financial transactions, budget management, and adherence to regulatory requirements will directly influence the organisation's fiscal health. Beyond financial stewardship, your contributions will enable the group to allocate resources strategically. By providing accurate and timely financial reports, you empower the leadership team to make informed decisions about funding historical preservation projects, organising educational events, and expanding community outreach initiatives. Your role is pivotal in ensuring that the group's financial resources are optimised to effectively support and enhance its impact on the preservation and promotion of the local history of Portsmouth and Gosport. Furthermore, your collaboration with the leadership team and transparent communication of financial insights will foster a culture of accountability and trust within the organisation. This, in turn, contributes to a positive and efficient working environment, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group. In summary, as Treasurer, your impact extends beyond financial management; it is integral to the organisation's ability to fulfill its mission and make a lasting contribution to the appreciation and understanding of the history of Portsmouth and Gosport within the community.


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