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Volunteer Dismantle Bias, Build Empathy: Volunteer with 'What Are They Thinking?' (WATT)

Newington Green Alliance


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Join the 'What Are They Thinking?' (WATT) project, where we combat bias and nurture empathy by bringing diverse individuals together to share and listen to their lived experiences. Participants find a remarkable shift in understanding.


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What will you be doing?

ABOUT THE PROJECT The 'What Are They Thinking?' (WATT) project is a transformative initiative dedicated to combating bias while fostering a deeper sense of empathy and understanding. Our unique approach unites individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in the profound act of listening and sharing their lived experiences. In each session, we bring together two groups marked by substantial differences and often limited awareness of each other's perspectives. Examples of these group pairs include Black/White, Male/Female, Theist/Atheist, Immigrant/Native UK, and Straight/Gay. Within this safe and structured environment, each group alternates between listening and speaking. Participants respond to questions posed by facilitators.  The results have been nothing short of astonishing. Most participants discover a significant shift in their understanding and perspectives. Currently conducted online, our project envisions expanding to offer in-person sessions in the future. We are planning to introduce a new dimension to WATT: the 'WATT Community.' This extension will invite participants to delve deeper into the vital work of eradicating bias and cultivating understanding and compassion.  VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES The WATT project offers a range of fulfilling volunteer opportunities that align with the project mission to foster understanding and compassion across differences. Volunteers are needed to assist with the following essential roles: 1. Session Organizing and Planning: Help coordinate and plan our impactful sessions 2. Participant Communication and Support:  3. Session Facilitation: Facilitate sessions, ensuring a safe and inclusive space for growth in understanding and compassion. 4. WATT Community Creation and Support: Contribute to the development and nurturing of the 'WATT Community,' where individuals can further engage in the fight against bias and promote understanding and compassion. 5. Resource Development: Assist in creating resources that support enhance the effectiveness of the project. 6. In-Person Event Development and Support: Contribute to the planning and execution of in-person events (when applicable), fostering meaningful connections among participants.

What are we looking for?

VOLUNTEER SPECIFICATION Our dedicated team of volunteers shares several core skills and attributes. As a WATT volunteer, we require you to possess the following qualities and have at least 3 years experience in facilitation, conflict resolution, online workshop leadership, outreach/promotion, or social research:

Compassionate and Non-Judgmental Outlook: Maintain an open-minded and empathetic approach toward people from diverse backgrounds.

Organized and Responsible: Exhibit strong organizational skills and a commitment to fulfilling your role for a minimum of 6 months, dedicating at least 2.5 hours per week.

Team Player: Collaborate effectively in a team environment

Adaptability: Display a willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges and experiences.

The varied tasks within WATT require an array of strengths. While not every volunteer must possess all of these skills, we welcome those who have the following skills and attributes:

Outreach and Promotion: Comfortably reach out to organizations, groups, businesses, and local government entities to represent and promote WATT.

Facilitation: Exhibit the ability to facilitate productive and respectful sharing and listening among diverse participants.

Conflict Resolution: Possess skills in reducing and transforming conflict, ensuring an atmosphere that promotes understanding and compassion.

Understanding Human Nature: Comprehend the psychology and sociology of individual and group responses to differences.

Online Workshop Leadership: Demonstrate proficiency in leading online workshops to engage and educate participants effectively.

Research: Exhibit research skills, particularly in understanding how different people and groups are treated by those closer to power.

Online Moderation and Community Building: Be adept at online group moderation and community-building in virtual spaces.

Persuasive Writing: Have the ability to craft persuasive written content to communicate our mission effectively.

What difference will you make?

The results of the WATT project have been nothing short of astonishing. Most participants discover a significant shift in their understanding and perspectives. Currently conducted online, our project envisions expanding to offer in-person sessions in the future. 


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