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Volunteer Enthusiastic Trustees sought to join established local Mental Health and Social Care Charity

CREST Waltham Forest


Posted over 30 days ago...

Crest WF has provided community development and health + social care services for 50 years.  We are prioritising the development + expansion of our existing services + support to our staff teams. 


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What will you be doing?

Crest WF is actively seeking dedicated individuals to join our established Trustee Board as we usher in the year 2024. Our charity has navigated the challenging terrain of the pandemic, which necessitated the temporary closure of several services. Now, 2024 presents a unique and promising opportunity to re-establish, reconnect, and redesign these services in a sustainable manner. Our current Trustees are eager to welcome new, enthusiastic members who can play a vital role in addressing the key challenges facing the charity, including:

1.Day Service Development: We aspire to expand and enhance our Day Service catering to elderly individuals with disabilities and dementia. This service holds untapped potential for growth, necessitating additional financial modeling, staff development, and service refinement. We extend a warm invitation to Trustees with expertise in building-based services for the elderly or project management acumen.
 2. Mental Health Services: Our Mental Health services offer significant room for growth and development, bolstered by Crest's positive reputation in service delivery. However, staffing capacity remains limited, and additional Trustee support with a background in Mental Health services is invaluable. The ongoing pandemic has posed unique challenges on monitoring and evaluation, making Trustees with relevant skills and backgrounds all the more essential.
 3. Community Center Management: Our bustling community centre is in need of additional support, particularly for the centre manager and the on-site team grappling with daily operational demands.
 Strategic Development and Charity Growth: Strategic planning and organizational growth have taken a backseat over the past two years. We welcome individuals equipped with the skills and vision to collaborate with the Board and chart a course for the next 5 to 10 years. This includes planning to meet the evolving needs of our local community and the organisational requirements of our charity.
 Crest WF is ideally seeking Trustees with specific interests in one or more of these service areas. We also extend a hearty welcome to those who have previously contributed to the sustainability of other local charities. Previous experience or a willingness to understand the operational and financial challenges encountered by smaller charities is a prerequisite. Your involvement can make a significant impact as we embark on this transformative journey in 2024 and beyond.

What are we looking for?

Crest WF would welcome more than one individual to work with existing Board members. Ideally applicants would be experienced in supporting the necessary work required; (Business Planning, Contract Management, Strategic Development, HR, Finance,) but we also welcome individuals with a background in one of the key service areas; (Mental Health, Day Services for elderly people and people with dementia, Community Centre management.) Good communication skills, reliability and willingness to listen are key skills for the work we anticipate. An understanding of the challenges faced by lone workers would also be valuable. We would welcome individuals with a skill set in any of the following areas:

Communication and marketing Income generation Leadership and management Support and training Finance Governance

What difference will you make?

In 2024, Crest WF stands at the threshold of a profound transformation, ignited by the enduring impact of the pandemic on our local communities. The demand for our mental health and Day Services has surged, igniting the rapid processing of new referrals. Crucially, Crest Trustees will wield substantial influence in this journey, addressing a multitude of implications that span financial, legal, and operational domains. Their essential role encompasses not only strategic guidance but also diligent operational oversight. As we navigate the evolving landscape, the call for additional Trustee support resounds more than ever. Each Trustee has the opportunity to forge a deeper connection with specific service areas and contribute significantly to the charity's overarching objectives. Fresh perspectives are heartily embraced by our existing Trustees, who stand unwavering in their commitment to shepherd the charity's development in both the short term and the long haul. Our paramount mission is to deliver services that are not only better-developed but also more robustly resourced and sustainable, underpinned by teams of confident, highly trained professionals. Crest's established track record of adaptability within the borough attests to our ability to evolve. Expanding our Trustee Board is a pivotal move in the realisation of our visionary future. Your involvement can have a profound impact as we chart this transformative course and aspire to build upon this legacy for the future. Expanding our Trustee Board is a critical step toward realising this vision. 


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