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Volunteer Business Strategist

Impact Festival Ltd


Posted over 30 days ago...

We are a small arts & sustainability non-profit currently reliant solely on funding, looking to become self-sustainable through generated income. We are looking for a small team of business strategists to lead this.


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London, EC1V 2NX

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What will you be doing?

We currently put on free outdoor pop-up events so that they are accessible to all.  The aim of the events is to engage people with climate issues and provide ways to tackle them in our everyday lives.  We do this through fun, positive and creative approaches.   We are solely reliant on funding for this but we wish to be able to generate our own income and be a self-sustainable organisation (or at least only need a small amount of funding as a supplement). We are looking to expand our services, drawing on our vast body of knowledge, skills and freelance practitioners, in both the arts and in sustainability to generate income through other streams, whilst still fulfilling our mission of climate education through creative approaches.  We wish to still be able to put on free accessible events with the profit generated from these other services. On our team we are lacking someone with business experience.  We are looking for someone (or a team) to generate ideas for different income streams, create a business plan for the company and lead the organisation's development in this direction. It is an exciting opportunity to be part of the early stages of a company's development and have leadership with the business strategy. You will mostly be working alongside the company founder, and sometimes with the board of trustees. Responsibilities include:

Developing new business opportunities by researching industry trends, identifying potential markets, and analysing customer needs Work with the company founder to develop plans to generate income that align with the company's mission to educate on climate impact through creative approaches Measure the success of business strategies through metrics Conduct market research to identify opportunities for new income streams Consult with the board to help achieve the company's objectives

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone that is experienced in getting small start ups off the ground.  We are a good natured team and are looking for a great team player that matches the kind and ambitious energy of the company. You will be an ideas person with enthusiasm to help the company grow.  We have some ideas of how to expand/generate income, and we would love to hear yours. You will be an experienced business strategist that can set and execute realistic targets for the growth of the organisation.  You will be pro-active in your role and results-focused.

What difference will you make?

Your expertise will enable us to grow as a stable company, provide ongoing work for freelancers and create long-term impact in our mission to make a positive difference. Your help will enable us to educate more people on the climate crisis and provide them with tools to make a positive difference, both in paid and unpaid settings - by generating profit, we will be able to continue organising accessible events so that people of all backgrounds can enjoy high quality artistic activities and have access to good climate education.


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