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Volunteer Fundraising Trustee

Proper Job Resource Centre CIO


Posted over 30 days ago...

Join the Proper Job board of Trustees, oversee and help to develop a successful fundraising strategy. 


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Chagford, TQ138DR

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

Proper Job are looking for an experience individual to support fundraising within a small charity. A 'Fundraising Trustee' will help to lead the charity to develop a fundraising strategy and boost annual grant income. Funds raised will help to support the educational programme, reduce waste and boost awareness to protect the natural environment. The charity is also looking for fundraise for small capital projects to improve The Resource Centre facilities for daily operations, staff, beneficiaries and volunteers.  For two decades now, Proper Job has been leading the way in the community reuse sector. Now, in a national context of increasing interest in grassroots agency and local accountability we aim to increase our reach and impact in the West Devon. Fundraising support will help us to achieve this.   Main responsibilities of the Fundraising Trustee: 

Oversee fundraising and to make sure it is carried out in legal, honest and accountable ways.   Strategically assess where fundraising fits into the overall organisation strategy and to work with the CEO to ensure effective income generation is being achieved.   Contributing knowledge of fundraising techniques and strategies, understanding results and approving budgets. Network on behalf of the charity to solicit funds.   Be an active champion of the organisation.   Encourage an entrepreneurial fundraising culture. Support and assess the cost benefit ratio of each planned type of fundraising.

What are we looking for?

Experience in fundraising and impact measurement. No previous board experience required.

What difference will you make?

Increase awareness to reduce reuse and recycle - The work of Proper Job means that there will be an increased awareness around resource conservation, and people’s bahaviours will change as a result.   Improve the natural environment - The work of Proper Job will have a tangible positive effect on the local natural environment, as positive environmental actions and behaviours ripple outwards.  Better use of resources - As a result of the education work of the charity, especially the workshops, local people will have a much better approach to the use of resources; maintaining, upcycling and donating as and when appropriate, and moving towards a ‘cradle to cradle’ mindset. Skills swap, knowledge transfer, training and mentoring An important ethos of Proper Job is that knowledge and skills are transferred in a circular fashion. Those learning new skills can ‘pay’ by imparting the skills they already have and so on. In this way training and mentoring can take place, skills can be swapped and vital knowledge, such as traditional rural skills may be passed to a new generation. Up-skilling can take place in a way that does not involve costly consultants or courses, and an ethos of ‘learning by doing’ is fostered and encouraged. Helping mental health and reducing isolation and loneliness As a particularly rural district, Chagford suffers from the problems that go hand in hand with rural living. Isolation, loneliness and lack of a support network can severely impact mental health. A key aspiration for the Proper Job project is about bringing people together and improving community spirit.   


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