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Volunteer Sage Accounting Support Specialist volunteer

The Scottish Pantry Network


Posted over 30 days ago...

Are you skilled in Sage accounting software and eager to contribute to a transformative initiative? Join us at the Scottish Pantry Network as we embark on an exciting transition to Sage accounting.


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Glasgow, G34 9HJ

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What will you be doing?

About Us: The Scottish Pantry Network is dedicated to empowering communities by providing access to essential food items and resources through our network of pantries. As we expand and enhance our operations, we are seeking dedicated volunteers to support us in this pivotal transition to Sage accounting. Role Description: As a Sage Accounting Support Specialist volunteer, you will play a vital role in ensuring the successful implementation of Sage accounting within our network. Your responsibilities will include:

Assisting in the initial setup and configuration of Sage accounting software. Providing guidance and training to staff members involved in the transition process. Collaborating with our finance team to customize Sage to meet the specific needs of the Scottish Pantry Network. Offering ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance as needed during the transition phase.


Proficiency in Sage accounting software with prior experience in setup and configuration. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail to ensure a smooth transition process. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively train and support team members. Flexibility and adaptability to navigate challenges and changes during the transition period. Commitment to the mission and values of the Scottish Pantry Network.


Opportunity to make a significant impact by supporting an essential community-focused initiative. Gain valuable experience in accounting software implementation and project management. Work closely with a passionate team dedicated to empowering communities across Scotland. Flexible volunteering schedule to accommodate your availability and commitments.

What are we looking for?

The ideal volunteer for the Sage Accounting Support Specialist role with TSPN possesses a unique blend of skills, experience, and qualities essential for the successful implementation of Sage accounting software and support during the transition phase. Here are some key attributes:

Expertise in Sage Accounting: You should have a strong background in Sage accounting software, with demonstrated experience in setup, configuration, and troubleshooting. Proficiency in utilising Sage's features for financial management, reporting, and analysis is essential.

Project Management Skills: Experience in project management will allow you to effectively plan, coordinate, and execute the transition to Sage accounting within TSPN. This includes setting clear objectives, managing timelines, and coordinating with relevant stakeholders.

Communication and Training Abilities: Effective communication skills are vital for conveying complex accounting concepts and procedures to staff members and volunteers involved in the transition process. you should be able to provide clear instructions, guidance, and training to ensure a smooth adoption of Sage accounting software.

Attention to Detail and Problem-Solving Abilities: You should possess a keen eye for detail and the ability to identify and address potential issues or challenges that may arise during the transition phase. Strong problem-solving skills will enable them to troubleshoot technical issues and implement effective solutions.

Commitment to the Mission: A passion for the mission and values of TSPN is essential. You should be motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in empowering communities and providing essential food resources across Scotland.

Flexibility and Adaptability: You should be adaptable to the evolving needs and dynamics of the transition process. Flexibility in scheduling and willingness to accommodate changes or unexpected challenges will be invaluable in ensuring the success of the Sage accounting implementation.

Team Player: Collaboration and teamwork are essential for the success of the transition project. You should be able to work effectively with staff members, volunteers, and external stakeholders to achieve common goals and objectives.

What difference will you make?

The impact that the Sage Accounting Support Specialist volunteer will have on the Scottish Pantry Network is significant and multifaceted:

Smooth Transition to Sage Accounting: By lending your expertise in Sage accounting software, you will ensure a seamless transition for TSPN to Sage. This transition will streamline financial processes, improve efficiency, and provide better insights into the organisation's financial health.

Enhanced Financial Management:  TSPN will benefit from enhanced financial management capabilities. Sage accounting software offers robust features for budgeting, reporting, and analysis, enabling the organisation to make informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively.

Improved Accuracy and Compliance: your help will ensure that TSPN adheres to best practices and regulatory requirements in financial reporting and compliance. This will enhance the organisation's credibility and transparency, building trust with stakeholders and funders.

Empowerment of Staff and Volunteers: Staff members and volunteers involved in the transition process will gain valuable skills and confidence in using Sage accounting software. This empowerment will extend beyond the transition phase, enabling ongoing proficiency and independence in financial management tasks.

Greater Focus on Mission: By streamlining financial processes and improving efficiency, TSPN will be able to redirect time and resources towards its core mission of empowering communities and providing essential food resources. Your contribution will ultimately support the organisation in achieving greater impact and reach across Scotland.


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