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Volunteer Transport Analyst



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Enroute is looking to develop and publish research and analysis into transport issues. We are looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable people with subject-matter expertise to join us on a flexible basis and contribute to our work.


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Northampton, NN1 4EP

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What will you be doing?


Develop, research and write thought-provoking research pieces on transport issues. 

Ask pertinent questions about transport issues and the role of Enroute and other organisations in researching or addressing them. 

Facilitate outreach efforts and establish relationships with relevant stakeholders and organisations. 

Support and provide feedback on the rest of the team’s work. 

Key Deliverable: 

Thought-provoking research pieces on transport issues. 


Work remotely as part of a young, energetic and supportive team at Enroute. 

Collaborate with team members to brainstorm ideas, share insights, and contribute to the overall success of the organisation. 

Engage with relevant stakeholders to gather information and build relationships. 


The role allows for flexibility in working hours, with an approximate commitment of five hours per week. 

Volunteers are encouraged to bring new ideas and perspectives to the organisation. 

The volunteer role is not rigidly defined, and there is flexibility in how volunteers can contribute based on their interests and expertise. 

Time off is encouraged, but we ask for notice and clear communication. 

Experience in the transport industry is desirable but not essential. Volunteers may specialise in specific fields within the transport sector, such as rail, buses, or active travel, or choose to work on projects aligned with their particular interests. The organisation values a commitment to sustainability in line with its core values.  You will join our research team on a flexible basis, for an initial 2-4 months whilst you develop and write your research. You will also learn about our process and ongoing work, Once you have finished your first piece, should you wish to, you will have the option of joining the team on a long-term basis.  

What are we looking for?

Analytical Skills: 

Ability to research and critically analyse transport issues, and draw out insightful and well-argued conclusions. 

Communication Skills: 

Effective written and verbal communication skills for report-writing and stakeholder engagement. 

Strategic Thinking: 

Capacity to ask insightful questions and envision the role of Enroute in contributing to transport research and bringing about our aims (as per Our 2050 Vision). 

Team Collaboration: 

Comfort working remotely as part of a supportive team. 

Willingness to contribute ideas, collaborate with team members, and review and provide constructive feedback on team members’ work. 


Adaptable to a flexible work schedule, approximately five hours per week for the duration of the placement. 

Openness to exploring diverse fields within the transport sector. 

Commitment to Sustainability: 

Alignment with the core values of Enroute and a dedication to sustainable practices. 

Networking and Relationship Building: 

Ability to establish and nurture relationships with stakeholders and organisations. 

Experience in outreach and networking within volunteer communities. 

Mission Alignment: 

Understanding and alignment with the mission and goals of Enroute. 


Background or experience in the transport industry (although not essential). 

Specialisation in specific transport fields, such as rail, buses, or active travel. 

This volunteer role welcomes individuals with a diverse range of skills and experiences, prioritising a passion for sustainability and a commitment to making a positive impact in the transport sector. 

What difference will you make?

The research you produce will help shape our organisation's presence and impact on the industry, transport users, stakeholders, the general public, and the wider political and academic fields around transport. By leveraging your insights and analytical skills, you will influence how we present ourselves and contribute to our continued commitment to sustainable transport across Great Britain. Your assistance and expertise will empower us to adapt, thrive, and explore new possibilities, activities, and innovative ways of working and thinking within the transport sector. As part of our mission to promote investment in and usage of sustainable forms of transport, including active and public transport modes, your involvement will directly contribute to our long-term growth and sustainability during this critical time. Your efforts will help us not only survive but thrive, making a lasting impact on the transport landscape across Great Britain. Your role extends beyond analysis; you will actively engage with various communities, spreading awareness and amplifying the work of our fully volunteer team. Through networking and press contacts, you will contribute to building a broader support network and increasing the visibility of Enroute. Your dedication will be instrumental in reaching diverse audiences and fostering collaboration for the betterment of sustainable transport initiatives across the country.


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