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Volunteer Event Planning Team Member

Endometriosis South Coast


Posted over 30 days ago...

Attention! Endometriosis South Coast seeks an enthusiastic and dedicated events team member and fundraiser. Can you help out? 


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Portsmouth, PO1 1DH

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

We seek an individual with excellent organisational skills for planning and executing successful events, a strong communicator, and the ability to network effectively to build relationships with potential donors and sponsors. Our events team needs to be able to fundraise -  needing to be creative and resourceful. Given the time constraints and budget limitations, some resilience and ability to work well under pressure often come with planning events and fundraising campaigns.

What are we looking for?

Organisational Skills:

Strong organisational skills to plan and coordinate all aspects of an event.

Time Management:

Efficient time management to meet deadlines and ensure the smooth execution of events. Ability to create and adhere to event timelines.

Communication Skills:

Clear and effective communication skills, both written and verbal. Ability to communicate with diverse stakeholders, including clients, vendors, and team members.

Budgeting and Financial Management:

Proficiency in budgeting for events, including cost estimation and expense tracking. Financial management skills to ensure events stay within budget constraints.


Creative thinking to develop unique and engaging event concepts. Innovation in designing memorable experiences for attendees.


Strong leadership skills to guide volunteers and coordinate various stakeholders. Ability to motivate and inspire team members to deliver their best work.


Effective problem-solving skills to address issues that may arise during events. Quick thinking to find solutions on the spot.

Attention to Detail: - Meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of event planning and execution. - Precision in managing logistics, schedules, and event materials. Technical Proficiency: - Familiarity with event management software and tools. - Knowledge of audio-visual equipment and technology used in events. Team Collaboration: Collaborative mindset to work effectively with cross-functional teams. Marketing and Promotion: - Understanding of marketing principles to promote events effectively.  Crisis Management: The ability to handle unexpected issues or crises during events calmly and efficiently. The Readiness to implement contingency plans. Customer Service: - Strong customer service orientation ensures attendees have a positive experience. - Ability to address client and attendee needs professionally.

What difference will you make?

This role for Endometriosis South Coast would have a profound impact on the community and the individuals living with chronic illness and disabilities. As part of our team, the successful candidate would contribute to an organisation whose mission is to empower individuals living with chronic illness and provide them with the necessary support and resources to lead a fulfilling life. The successful applicant would be responsible for organising events and fundraisers that would help raise awareness about the organisation's mission and generate funds to support its activities. This could include planning and executing community events, fundraising galas, and even online campaigns. The successful applicant will  play a crucial role in ensuring that Endometriosis South Coast is able to continue providing vital services to those in need. This could include organising fundraising drives, partnering with local businesses, and creating engaging social media content that inspires and motivates individuals to donate to the cause. In addition, the event manager would be responsible for ensuring that events are inclusive and accessible to individuals living with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. This could include providing accessible venues.  Overall, the impact of an event manager for Endometriosis South Coast would be significant. They would be contributing to an organisation that is committed to fostering a more inclusive and supportive community for those living with chronic illness and disabilities. Through their efforts, they would be helping to empower individuals to live their best life possible and making a positive impact on countless members of their community.


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